Are you facing skin problems? Is your skin ageing before time? Come and step into ayurvedic world of skin care treatments where you will get remedy for almost all skin problems.

In today's life, skin problems are increasing because of our hectic and stressful lifestyle. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways; however, a little touch of care is needed which is best provided by Ayurveda. In Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals in Delhi, they heal and pamper your skin by exotic herbs, pure foods and massages which rejuvenates your skin.

Ayurvedic treatments are done in various steps which may be longer process and may need multiple sittings. These long processes are actually way of healing so that skin problems can be cured permanently.

In Ayurvedic clinics and hospitals in Delhi, expert doctors are available who are specialized in Skin Care Treatments. At first, they will listen to your problem and then they will find out your skin type. There are several types of skin, such as Vata skin which has a tendency of getting rough and dry very quickly, Pitta skin which can be fair and reddish but it is very sensitive and prone to sun burns, Kapha skin which is smooth but can be excessive oily and prone to blackheads and acne.

Once you have shared the nature of skin problem you are facing and doctors have found out your skin type, then they will start the treatment. As mentioned earlier, the treatment procedure has several steps. There are different types of ayurvedic facials, five senses therapy, cellulite and fat reduction, eye care etc.

For example, acne is a very common problem specially among teenagers. Almost every ayurvedic clinic/hospital in Delhi will provide you with acne treatment. The stages that are followed in acne treatment are:

Shaman – In this stage internal medication is done by giving mild laxatives which will prevent constipation. Some herbal pastes are made and used as packs all over the face. Doctors will suggest correction of diet and regular exercise for regular bowel movements.

Shodhan – Detoxification of the body is done by using various ayurvedic medicines followed by techniques.

Diet – This is the final stage of treatment where doctor will provide you with a diet chart and do's and don’ts about diet. Avoiding spicy foods, avoid using too much irritant cosmetics, eating fresh foods, drinking plenty of water are some of the habits which will be prescribed by the doctors.

Similarly, there are stages of treatments for early skin ageing, white patches on the skin which is commonly known as Vitiligo, Psoriasis treatment, under eye dark circles, loss of hair which comes under scalp and Hair Care Treatment and many such common skin problems.

Ayurvedic clinics/hospitals in Delhi will offer you treatments with attractive packages. You should compare between the packages and services provided by various clinics/hospitals and choose the best for you. Do have a check on the quality of doctors. Only best clinics can provide you with best team of doctors, best services and gives you that flawless glowing skin which you are dreaming about.

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