Petals of Wellness

Wellness constitutes all round health; the physical, mental and social aspects of a person must be balanced for a happy life. Wellness also includes creating and living in a happier atmosphere by blooming on the inside.

Wellness is very much an achievable dream. It takes some specific factors to be well, and these factors can be met by many self development methods.

What are some of the things that make a person well?

Positive thinking and positive living. The energy in the universe can be positive or negative. Harnessing the positive vibrations into our lives is the first step to all round wellness. Positive thinking is not just a hit and go process, it is a process that must take place every day, every minute. In fact, a person who strives for a healthier quality of life should enforce positivity in his daily habits such that it soon becomes a natural process for him.

But creating a positive atmosphere instantaneously, when you’ve faced a lot of stress or anxiety throughout your life can be a very difficult task. What you must keep in mind is that neither positive thinking nor wellness is an immediate procedure. In order to grow, you must give yourself time and harvest your patience. There are many tried and tested techniques you can use to give yourself a great boost in positive thinking.

Zen philosophy deals with ambience and positive vibrations, and many healers will willingly supply you with information and advice about the Zen and Chinese methods. Chakra healing can also bring you great bliss, as a concentration of “happy” chakra in certain spots can tremendously improve your day to day moods and help you to achieve a progressive and balanced attitude.

Along with positive thinking, for a person to develop real wellness, he must adopt methods to relax. Stress is the main cause for destruction of mental and physical health. Panic attacks cannot be countered with even more anxiety. When your life force vibrates too rapidly, it indicates a disturbed and spastic life style. The only way you can fix this is by learning to calm your energy and your mind.

There are numerous ways that you can adapt to have a balanced, controlled and calm mind set. Yoga, meditation, acupuncture, Reiki healing, massage therapy, Zen therapy, life coaches and crystal healing are a few delightful methods.

There is one side to wellness that many people are not aware of: true wellness will happen only when you are open to social health. Social health shares a domino effect: helping people will in turn help you in bringing a large amount of good energy and prosperity. Joining an online community or a meditation/yoga group and exchanging ideas with people and mentors will motivate you to develop yourself, and the positive energy you surround yourself with will automatically ensure good health.

Wellness is a choice. To be fit in every aspect, a person must choose to take the initiative to develop himself and seek guidance to make his life better. One requires the will and patience to enjoy the journey.

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Author's Bio: 

My name is Harini Srivatsan. I am a young college student and aspiring writer. She believes that if the powers of the youth and wisdom of the old join forces, lives can be changed for the better.