What if I told you that weight training soccer is aimed at enhancing strength rather than the building of muscle mass, especially the growth of muscle groups that support the joints? This requires special fitness training program without the ball and off the field in order to give time to focus on particular muscle groups.

Focusing on these target areas will generate superior movement and flexibility causing higher velocity and strength.

Core: The area that is first to be targeted are the abdominals, which is usually called the core. The area of the body ranging from under the breast bone up till the end of the pelvic region is called the "core". This area is the source of power, the center of gravity, and the balancing center of the body.

So, the core is the place from where all the physical activities start from. Great abdominal cores also results in a well-balanced back, most essentially the Lumbar area. This also generates a good posture.

Legs: The leg muscles called quadriceps are vital in pumping the heart. This means that these are the biggest muscle groups of the body and are responsible for pumping a huge amount of blood volume. Walking can also be helpful in weight training soccer as each step pumps blood supply to the entire body.

The hips, knees and the ankles need balanced and strong leg muscles in order to endure all the force and energy produced in hitting the ground.

Back, Chest and Neck: These areas of the body serve as a link between the "core" and the ends (legs, arms and the head). These areas must never be neglected in soccer strength training because their growth is linked with the rest of the body.

Arms: The arm plays a vital part in soccer to help maintain balance while you jump to head a ball or when you suddenly change directions. A good tip for power jump is to throw your arms in the air while you jump.

Plyometric: For excellent result you should use both weight training with carefully planned plyometric program. This will create individual or teams who will show growth during the first half of the season.

The key again is going back to the core, because only a well-developed soccer fitness program to develop the core will naturally bring these areas into focus.

Programs: Generally, a program that is quantifiable and specific to an individual needs to be applied at the beginning of the season. The thorough improvement of an individual consist of aiming specific parts of the body first with the core and then heading for every section of the body.

In the end we say that weight training soccer can be applied by mentally preparing the players; because it is needed that the players and the team help each other to own the program. You should consider joining our youth soccer coaching society and find an answer to all questions as the site offers loads of information in form of articles, videos, and newsletters.

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