Lose weight safely, or in a healthy way for lasting results to work with your diet. Investing in your health is not always easy and acceptable for all, but it does not have to be so difficult. But where do you start? How do you make the right choices? Is there any magical diet plan that you need to follow or maintain continuously to achieve a healthy weight? What role does nutrition play in weight management?

Everyone knows how to lose weight by following those famous dieting plans, but does this approach work for everyone? From a low-carbohydrate diet to intermittent fasting and from slimming pills to juice cures. That may work perfectly for one, but for the other it has the opposite effect.

Feel good in your skin, fatty complaints vanish and reach your ideal weight together. Not so much by drastically diets or by replacing meals with shakes or pills. Of course it is important to investigate the diet, but that is not the only determining factor. Sport and exercise are also factors that play a role. Movement of the body not only ensures that you build up fitness and strength, it also helps with waste disposal and you burn calories!

Wherever you go, gas station or cinema, you can easily buy something to eat anywhere. Even there is often something to eat at work, at home and at an appointment. Saying 'no' can be pretty difficult. Yet there are lots of solutions to prevent you from eating too much.

Avoid temptations; don't get any snacks at home. Refuel at a self-service station without a shop and walk a different route through the mall so that you don't have to go past your favorite pastry chef.

Make temptations less strong: eat something nutritious before you go to a party and stand away from the snacks at a party. Take a sandwich or a piece of fruit with you when you go out, then you are less susceptible to the many temptations that you encounter along the way.

Find distractions if you feel like eating something: walk the dog, call someone, make tea or brush your teeth.
It is difficult to follow all advice day after day. So be a little mild for yourself.

Remember that everyone sometimes drops a stitch, but that you can always pick up the healthy thread again. Hold on, because with a better weight you do yourself a great favour.

Get started actively with weight management
We start with the basics and look at your current lifestyle. We analyse what you eat, how you eat and whether you make the right choices. So that you can adjust your lifestyle bit by bit, and especially not to start headlong with radical changes in your lifestyle. Research shows that almost everyone who makes radical changes sooner or later falls back into that old lifestyle and old diet. If, on the other hand, you actively start working with several small adjustments, the results are rather permanent.

Worth spending on Weight Management Couching?
Definitely yes! Even you can also learn to teach weight management to become a nutrition and weight loss consultant with easy online coaching certification. During an introduction to dieting coaching, you learn more about how nutrition, awareness and exercise contribute to your health. In a personal way, because healthy eating and exercising is different for everyone! Together we look for the right food. A tailor-made diet plan is worked out for you so that you can get back into balance in a natural way. You will be guided one by one towards this permanent positive change, so that your weight loss will also be permanent.

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Misty Jhones