This diet is not exactly one that will help you lose weight but it will assist you and prevent binge eating while you are trying to lose those unwanted pounds. Basically this diet aids those who have a problem with binging when on diet, we all have those awful moments when we just want to eat anything in sight and it is usually the unhealthy foods we tend to attack.

The cookie diet is a real strange name for a weight loss aid but these cookies are "smart" and funnily enough they really do help the dieters out there.

Cookie Diet information

Created by the esteemed Dr Siegal as an aid to dieting, he has been giving his dieting patients these special cookies for the past thirty years or so. This is a cookie designed to suppress your appetite and therefore lower you chances of binge eating while on diet.

These cookies come in quite a few different flavors, such as - chocolate, oatmeal, coconut, blueberry and banana, so almost everyone who is dieting will find their own favorite cookie to snack on.

Though not the best tasting cookie around, many dieters will find the diet cookie satisfying and more than edible for those tempted to snack while on their favorite diet. These cookies do not come cheap though and can cost around $50 or so for a weeks supply of these diet aids.

So to the person who is having problems with sticking to their diet and trying not to binge eat - you will find them worth the extra outlay of cash as they do suppress the appetite and by eating a few cookies between meals will be very helpful in your quest to lose those extra pounds.

Pro's and cons of the cookie diet

Suppresses the appetite.
You can eat up to six a day.
Satisfies the dieter and therefore aids them by preventing binge eating while assisting the dieter to stay on their diet for longer.

Will not help you lose weight if you just use them as a snack as it is not a diet plan in itself.
The cookies are pretty expensive.
Not the best tasting cookies around.

So for a safe and easy way to lose weight, suppress your appetite and assist yourself in preventing binge eating why not try the Cookie diet, these cookies are made with natural ingredients and do not have any toxins and/or preservatives.

You can find these cookies by surfing the internet via your favorite search engine as there are many resellers out there.

So Cookie Diet provides a safe and efficient way to lose weight by eating all-natural, appetite suppressing meal replacement diet cookies made without toxins and preservatives.

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