Lifestyle Changes are Essential for Maintaining Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery
Bariatric surgery effectively helps people lose weight alongside lowering the risk of medical problems which are commonly associated with obesity. The two main methods employed by bariatric surgery are restriction and malabsorption of food. The four most popular types of bariatric surgeries sought by obesity patients across the world include Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and duodenal switch with biliopancreatic diversion. However, some types of lifestyle changes are expected from obesity patients following weight loss surgery.
Expected Changes in People Undergoing Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric surgeons usually talk to obesity patients about the kind of lifestyle changes they are expected to make following weight loss surgery. Some of these which are expected of patients include the following.
• Food Planning is Critical - Doctors see to it that weight loss surgery patients are comfortable with the eating plan that they would be following after the procedure. A new way of eating habits includes planning for food which is more important than it was before. Now that you will be eating smaller meals and avoiding some foods, diet plans will drastically change post-surgery. Medical team, therefore, teach easy recipes to weight loss surgery patients and help in creating grocery lists in advance in order to make sure that you stay on course.
Family Meal Menus May Change - Quite often bariatric surgery patients have reported that their spouses and children have also lost weight after their weight loss procedure. This is because the new family menu focuses on fresh produce, lean proteins and smaller portion sizes which benefit everyone sitting on the dining table. While this will set expectations of the family as well, these healthy lifestyle changes will also be easier to make when the whole family is involved in supporting newer ways of eating.
Diet Guidelines Following Bariatric Surgery - Diet guidelines post weight loss surgery are fully discussed with patients during evaluation prior to undertaking the operation. Stage I diet is recommended for the initial 4 to 6 weeks of time and which includes foods which are mushy, soft and pureed like hummus, cottage cheese, fruitless yogurts and baby foods. Solid foods must be completely avoided until 4 - 6 weeks or until the time bariatric surgeon would allow you to do so.
• Ups and Downs Following Weight Loss Surgery - Weight loss associated with bariatric surgery for many people is a positive phase of their life. However, weight loss surgery patients will need to understand that this journey has challenges as well and major adjustments are required to be made.
• Dealing with Curious Questions from Friends and Acquaintances - This is a social aspect which every bariatric surgery patient will be required to go through. Neighbors, coworkers and friends will all be interested to know what is it that is making such a drastic change in your being. While some bariatric surgery patients like to reveal everything, others only let their close friends and family member know of what they have gone through.
World-Class Quality of Affordable Weight Loss Surgery in India
Weight loss surgery in India is an excellent opportunity for obesity patients from all around the world seek good quality of affordable healthcare solutions. Bariatric surgeons in India are well experienced and have performed numerous weight loss surgeries by now with outcomes at par with the best in the world. Along with this weight loss surgery cost is also comparatively much lower and in fact just a fraction of what it takes to undergo bariatric surgery in the developed countries. Obesity patients can take a vacation along with their obesity treatment and yet save substantial amounts of their hard earned money by undergoing weight loss surgery in India.
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