Acai berries are the fruit of a palm tree which is tall and slender and is native in Central and South America, where it grows mainly in swamps and flood plains. The berry itself is a small dark purplish round fruit that can be harvested two times a year and can be consumed. It has been eaten by native Amazon populations for many years, but has been newly discovered by the European and American trendsetters and has become a very popular ingredient in health drinks and also as flavoring in a variety of products such as yogurt.

The fruit and/or juice of the berry has been suggested to be a good weight-loss supplement. This is due to its wonderful antioxidant qualities and to its low sugar, high-fiber properties. Also, it possibly helps the body to burn fat more efficiently as well as process food quickly and cuts down on cravings for sweets. There are also those who tout acai berries as a way to cleanse the system. Because it has become so popular for all these benefits, acai berry comes in a variety of forms, allowing a consumer who wants to give these berries a try for either free radical destruction or for weight loss a multitude of choices of how they will consume them.

You should consider your lifestyle and how often you will be able to eat or drink the acai berry supplement before you decide which form will work the best for you out of the many possibilities.

One popular way to consume the acai berry is just the fruit, particularly mixed in with other antioxidant fruits such as blueberries or cranberries in products such as juice drinks or smoothies. You can also buy the fruit in a concentrated pulpy form to drink on its own a certain number of times per day, depending on the brand you purchase. If you don’t want to have to taste the fruit or consume the calories of a certain food, however, you can also purchase it as an acai berry capsule, or pill, where all the acai fruit’s power is concentrated into an easy-to-swallow form.

There are several brands of acai berry capsules on the market and you should make sure to check how many times per day you should take the tablets to get the most weight-loss and antioxidant benefits from your supplements. You will want to make sure that you are buying acai berry capsules that are primarily the fruit pulp and juice rather than filler or other additional items and you should check how many mg of actual fruit you are getting in each dose. Then eat a sensible diet, exercise, and allow the acai berries to work for you.

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