When it comes to dealing with weeds, prevention ought to be the most effective measure. Once weeds infest an area, their removal becomes extremely difficult, time-consuming and above everything, too much expensive. Greater and much broader resources will be needed to arrest the further spread of the weeds and get rid of the existing ones!


Hence, the best, as well as the most effective way of dealing with the weeds, is to prevent them from entering the area in question in the first place and getting rid of them at the very first sight!  


The Best Steps


If you find environmental weeds growing in the garden, you need to identify them. Unfortunately, weeds come up without identification labels, and they resemble the genuine, non-weedy plants. Hence, you need to check first and segregate the good plants from the weeds. However, this is a difficult task, and this is why you need to hire a top-class landscaping company in Toorak. The professionals will come up with techniques that will segregate the weeds from the non-weedy plants.


What would these professionals do?  


There is usually a wide range of options that the professionals will come up with, for controlling the environmental weeds. The methods that they follow depend upon the location of the property, and the nature of the infestation. These companies will come up with various ways, or a combination of multiple methods to yield the best and the most effective weed control results.  


Here are the methods that the landscaping professionals will adopt for the best results.  


Hand pulling:


The pros eliminate seeds and plants that have shallow root systems, and the seedlings of the larger weeds can be by the use of the hand-pulling method. This can best be done when the soil is moist. The experts do it by grubbing with the help of hoe or a mattock.


Mechanical Removal:


Though this is classically not regarded as a solution itself, it often demands a follow-up.  Seasoned professionals of these companies would use a wide range of tools for pruning back the unwanted shrubs and trees when they install a landscape design in Hawthorn.  These professionals do so in such a way so that it does not reduce the visual impact, but can limit the re-growth of weeds. However, they do not disturb the soil unnecessarily as it can cause soil erosion and germination of weed seeds.  


Chemical Control


The seasoned professionals would also use specific chemicals for controlling herbicides and weeds, more so when they grow near the waterways. However, they religiously follow the restrictions while doing so, so much so that it does not interfere with the eco-system of the garden or the backyard in question.


Therefore, it is so essential to turn to professional companies that are into landscaping in Toorak when it comes to the removal of weeds and herbicides that may spoil the look of the garden and health of the plants.  


Put your stakes on a quality company that has been into landscaping for several years, to get the best results.  

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The author owns a company that offers landscaping services in Toorak, and comes up with landscape design in Hawthorn. The author is also a regular blogger and has a considerable following.