Birdcages in decor

Yes, they ware very pretty but we can’t just take it anymore tired of seeing birdcages in almost every element of the decor! Please guys, switch to cane baskets or glass bottles and many other unexplored things.

Genda phool decor for mehendi

Yes, genda phool looks very Indian and is the best option for the mehendi- but that doesn’t mean that you cover everything with it.guys- you have other options to opt for like mogra or jasmine instead, which looks refreshing now after all the marigold to be honest!

Brides in bright pink

Guys, we know bright pink was like the ‘it’ hue the past couple of, but now get over it! It’s not a classic colour like red, and maybe it’s time to experiment with some cool new hues like blush pink or grey!

Kundan bridal necklaces

Almost every second bride is seen in the long hanging kundan necklace look. It’s getting pretty predictable to be honest, and maybe it’s time you give that a rest.

Old wedding quotes

Please no more ‘Welcome to our beginning’ and ‘Mrs Always Right’ quotes hanging around the wedding decor- it’s just too done to death! Instead come up with something personalised and creative.

Grooms in off whites,

Grooms are mostly seen with off-whites and creams its high time that there is some serious experimentations done with the groom’s looks go for some other colors or patterns for that matter.

Flower crowns

High time that the bride thinks of something more creative to wear on her mehndi cause clearly we cannot take the flower crowns anymore.

Goa or Rajasthan destination wedding

Yes, they are pretty and accessible, but there are so many more places for a destination wedding in India! Give an offbeat location or ‘rarer’ destination wedding locations a shot.

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