Weddings are events that have a strong visual and emotional impact on people. It is full of mystery despite reality, filled with passion amidst laughter, and its memories linger on in everyone present during the ceremony or reception. Couples, should select a theme which would speak for the joy they have on that special day. With the many trends in art, fashion and in the creativity of man nowadays, one is not bereft of choices for wedding themes.

1. Candles and Light - In church, use huge candles of different shapes and colors. Embellish using flowers and ribbons. Amidst the flowers and ribbons around the candles, intertwine discreetly hidden multi-colored Christmas lights. Let drapes cover the ceiling in the reception. Hang multi-colored lights throughout the ceiling or use hanging lampshades. Distribute the large candles in strategic areas, elaborately decorated like the church candles. Place tall glasses and glass bowls with water, pebbles, a flower under water, and a floating scented candle on each table.

2. Asian - In this theme, for a Chinese or Japanese concept, use parasols, bamboo, chopsticks (as décor or giveaway items), silk, fans, lanterns, and butterflies. Use bamboo, sinamay, shells, coconut shell items, and buri mats, bags and hats for Filipino concept.

3. Rated GP - This implies using your favorite wholesome cartoon character like Hello Kitty. Use a mascot and pair it with your partners favorite character. Giveaways can be items promoting these characters. Let your imagination go free in using these characters as part of your wedding.

4. Fairy tale - Be a Cinderella and her Prince Charming on your wedding day. You can wear a ball gown and tiara. Let gold dominate your decors. Fill the church and reception area with roses, tiaras and golden wands. Let fireworks enhance the scenario and if possible, have your magic coach. Remember to use huge see-through “glass” shoes as plain décor or containers for roses.

5. Galactic - Obviously, this has a futuristic effect and the dominant color is silver or grey and with a touch of black or blue. On the aisle during the wedding march, pass through silver galactic swords raised by silver -attired masked men. In the reception area, distribute large disc lights of various colors around the venue. Embellish the church and reception venues with galactic swords. Spray the flowers with silver paint, leaving the leaves and stems with its natural color.

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