What better a way to begin your lifelong commitment to each other than by throwing an elaborate party, inviting all of your relatives, friends, and work mates. Besides annual birthday parties a wedding celebration is perhaps the most important social affair in many people’s lives. This is the special occasion that comes but once in a lifetime (for most people) and one which the bride and groom’s parents can also contribute. It’s all about the planning, the choices, and the budget!

Planning the wedding down to the smallest details
It is a job so big and so very important that many actually hire professional assistance from a Wedding Planner! Every detail from the wedding gown, bride’s maid’s dresses, the multi-tiered cake, and on down to the personalized napkins must be decided on in plenty of time to make sure each item is ordered then examined to insure they are exactly what had been requested by the bride and groom. Some of those smaller yet vital details that must be scrutinized for perfection (or as close as possible) include:

The crowning glory – the flowers
With white being the most popular choice flowers lead the way in vital necessities for the perfect wedding after the gown and of course the wedding cake. Flowers are often coordinated with the bride’s or bride’s maids dresses and most likely will also match the floral decorations on the wedding cake itself. Many varieties, especially lilies and roses are liberally placed throughout the area including the aisle where bride and her father will soon walk.

Personalized Napkins make special keepsakes for the wedding guests
Silver or gold embossed and adorned with initials or the entire last name of the new couple, and matching cups, paper plates, coasters, gift tags, matches, and bags are just the type of keepsakes that many hold on to (especially the bride and her mother). Look for 2 to 3 ply quality paper or maybe cloth personalized napkins for a lasting wedding keepsake to be treasured for years to come.

Table top décor and creative place settings set the reception mood
To satisfy the appetites of all wedding party members the table setting should be of high quality, preserving the theme of the bride and groom’s special day. This is the setting for the glorious wedding cake and the overall décor of the reception should reflect the fine taste of the bride and her family. Choose from a silver service to the basic flatware (plastic utensils work too) and fine bone china or even paper plates. It’s up to the budget and taste of the wedding planners. A restrictive budget will help decide where and how far the limits are for this special day.

Keep it creative no matter the cost
Having a fun yet inventive table and place settings need not appear cheap with a little bit of imagination. Often wedding planners have a wide variety of options when it comes to meeting budget demands for that special day. Keep the napkins, plates, and party favours simple and basic but splurge on the Champaign and glasses. As long as those personalized napkins appeal to the guests everything else will fall into place, insuring the wedding and reception after are a huge success!

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