This is probably your first wedding and you have million of questions on what you should do. Everyone is throwing in a suggestion, but you are not certain if their ideas will work out. You are also not certain if your ideas, coming mainly from issues that concern you are going to offend anyone. So if you have questions on wedding etiquette, here are some things that will help you.

The first thing that will concern you is the place to host the wedding and the reception. You should think of a place that you like. Is it going to be a traditional wedding in a church or do you prefer something unique for example the ruins of an old castle? Whatever your choice, you have to make sure that you book this place sometime before the wedding. You might be amazed of how many people share your idea. Now, the things you should ignore here are comments from your family. There is not one place that can be convenient to everyone. Maybe for some people it is going to be very far to reach or very strange to host a ceremony, but the truth is that this is your wedding. If you want to get married in a certain place, you should at least try it.

There are certain things that are expected from others as well. For example, a close friend of yours or the bride’s maid should host a gift shower for you. They should know that. However, it is not polite to ask them to do it. You are going to offend them, ruin a surprise or make it hard for the other person to deny. It is also inappropriate for the bride or couple to host a shower for themselves. So whatever the case, there is really nothing you can do. Don’t worry; your friends are probably out to surprise you.

When you start receiving gifts for your wedding, it is polite to write thank you notes. It is a myth that the couple can write thank you notes even a year after the wedding. You should write your thank you notes as soon as you can. People have spent an amount of money, their time and some thought on your gift and want to know that you received it and you liked it. You can write thank you notes even before the wedding, if you get a gift. There is no rule that tells you to write them all after the wedding. On the contrary, you will have much less to do if you write a thank you note every time you receive a gift.

Another thing you have to take care of is to find a way to greet and thank each guest that comes to the wedding. In the reception, you can do that by going through the tables and saying hi to everyone. But if you have more people coming to the ceremony, you should think about having a greeting line to have the chance to thank everyone.

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