With the creation of the World Wide Web and the availability and accessibility of the information to all countries at any time, we need companies that guarantee the communication of this global information in all languages. For this reason, website translation is one of the main and significant goals involved in promoting your company on an international scale.

In addition, the development of the global market and business competition demand that companies look beyond national borders if they wish to expand. Website translation is now a crucial part of growing most businesses and extremely necessary in modern era. They generate revenue, offer an avenue for promotion and are an easily accessible means of providing information about a company.

If your company plans to promote its products in other countries, then the translation of your website can help you to establish a presence, build your brands, and sell and support your products in those markets. Just think of the potential profits an appropriate website translation could generate. Likewise, we have to take into account that research results show web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the company's language.

Although the translation of websites is currently a big business, there are many companies that do not take the complex translation process seriously and do not carefully consider any website translation project properly. That is why there are many translated websites that are of very poor quality. No doubt the company used translation software or an unprofessional translation agency. Only an experienced human translator can feel and understand the context of metaphors, similes, nuances, local expressions and colloquial phrases, and translate them professionally into the target language.

It is essential to use website translators and proofreaders who are native-speaking. They should have a degree in translation, accreditation and years of experience working in their source and target languages. They should also utilize terminology databases and employ detailed procedures to ensure that translation projects consistently deliver high-quality results. They must provide clear and accurate information on the company and its website, analyze the content and transfer the meaning in the best way possible, whilst considering the cultural impact on the final website translation project.

Moreover, website translation needs to be carried out by translators who are specialized in the subject matter of the website, for example, chemical engineering, in order to ensure that the key messages of company products and services are not lost in the process.

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