If you have a website, someone will have to take care of it in a variety of ways. There’s a certain perception that a website either (1) does not need regular maintenance or (2) is easy-enough to update. I’ve run into a number of business owners who think that they can run, update, design, and promote their website all as a hobby of sorts. While some individuals certainly can do this, many nonetheless simply lack the technical expertise to perform all the duties entrusted to a Webmaster.

When someone considers website maintenance, the first thing that typically comes to mind is the notion of regular updates. Change text, update contact information, swap out photos, and other tasks are regularly incorporated into a website maintenance package. Sometimes, of course, there are drastic changes like adding seasonal sale information in a contemporary design standard, creating pages, and substantial layout changes. These tasks are often outside the technical scope of individuals not routinely involved in this industry.

While many think that website maintenance consists solely of updates like those listed above, there’s another equally important consideration: security. The internet is a wild world in terms of security threats and a properly experienced webmaster can protect your website and any vital information that may be associated with it (think of an e-commerce site for example). Now more than ever, it’s imperative to have at least some measure of security associated with your website’s hosting account and, again, this escapes the vast majority of non-experienced individuals.

Typically, the greatest thing for a business owner in contracting a webmaster is that there then becomes a single contact for the full array of issues that may arise with a website including email, DNS, and other hosting issues. As a webmaster for several years now, I’ve seen just about the full gamut of problems that can occur and many can be truly overwhelming for the non-technocrat.

In my experience, it’s almost always been to the business owner’s advantage to have a reliable website design/maintenance company to handle their website because of the ease in which changes are implemented, the relatively low risk in doing so, and the fact that there is someone ultimately responsible for the vast majority of website-related matters.

Being a webmaster, in other words, is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly for any business owner, aside from the technologically experienced.

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