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A website that is critically designed not only makes it difficult to navigate and look less organized. Putting too many contents into a smaller area also makes a site appear cluttered. This is why it is always better to go for simple designing layout and themes when designing the site.

If you are aiming for designing a website for brands then it is always better to go for modern styles. The shining example of best designed website is that of Apple’s and just by visiting the site you’ll see how it is simply designed but most importantly with a modern feel.


Clear navigation is one of the most downright important things to make the website effective. If it a product related site that you are designing then establishing a clear hierarchy of information is important for the site. In fact sometimes adding drop down submenus makes the users feel complicated and this is why even without applying drop-down sub menu it is possible to make the site more user-friendly.


When it is about selecting your website’s layout there happens to be hundred of choices but to pick the right layout which actually works it is important to consider the main objective of your site. Secondly, setting the target audience also helps in selecting the right type of layout.

However, it is always better to sticking with a standard layout design and what more you should know is that websites with standard and simple layout is always considered visually less complex and perceived as simple and more organized.

Putting the Calls to Action is one of the most important elements when designing the website.

But, should you put the calls to action at the top or maybe somewhere more effective? This you have to decide by first analyzing how you engage your audience and determining the place in where most interest is likely to happen.


Using people's pictures in your website is one of the most useful web designing concepts. But, this doesn’t mean you should pick up stock photos of people.

In fact, a stock photo never appears genuine and what’s more is that sometimes putting arrows also proves to be effective.

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