Communication has become an unavoidable part of each human life; whether we are talking about a personal or professional life, we all face the massive communication need daily. As people have started travelling across the globe and increasing oversea business relations, communication need has increased more and more. Also, we thrive to get a mechanism which allows us to communicate from remote locations. The WebRTC technology satisfies this need of remote and real time communication. It has introduced a communication solution, which is called, WebRTC Client Solution to meet the need of real time and remote communication. This solution can be used as a standalone app or you can also integrate in any other system such as, call center solution.

Before we get into the details of the WebRTC client solution, let’s quickly know some important facts about WebRTC.

So, what is WebRTC?

WebRTC stands for Web Real Time Communication. It was launched by Google back in 2011. It was launched as an open source platform to provide a building block to develop applications and software, which can support real time communication remotely.

What Is WebRTC Client Solution?

The WebRTC Client solution is an application which uses the WebRTC technology as a base to build communication solution. This solution provides browser to browser calling platform. It means one can conduct a call using this solution with a WebRTC enabled web browsers. Almost all web browsers have started supporting the WebRTC client solution. The best and hassle free result can be gained using the Google Chrome. The simple fact is, both, WebRTC and Google, are invented by the Google so both can work smoothly with each other. Also, Google Chrome has an auto update feature in it, which keeps it updated always. This further reduces any issues occurring due to an outdated browser.

How to use WebRTC client solution?

It is extremely easy to use this solution. All you need is WebRTC enabled browser. You will not require any type of plug-in installation or application download to use this solution. Below are the steps to be followed in order to use this solution:

• Open the Web admin panel URL of the WebRTC client solution in your browser
• Log in yourself with correct username and password
• Use the solution

Yes, it is as simple as it reads in the steps above. It can also be used without credentials, but it is advisable to have login screen to keep it secure from external entities.

The WebRTC client solution can also be integrated into the existing system such as a call center software. This type of application is also known as WebRTC based softphone.

Benefits of WebRTC Client Solution

The WebRTC client solution works on browser to browser calling mechanism as well as Session Initiation Protocol. Moreover, it is an open source, which makes it a very cost effective solution to use. There are many benefits one can gain using the WebRTC client solution for communication. Some of the key benefits of this solution are listed hereunder:
• Free communication as it uses your internet data for calling. Thus, you won’t need to bear any additional telecommunication charges
• Remote communication
• Communicate in real time
• Easy to use, manage and maintain
• Reduce management and maintenance cost
• And more

Feature of WebRTC Client Solution

The key features offered by this solution are listed hereunder:
• Audio call
• Video call
• Instant Message
• Screen share
• File hare
• Image share

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