Information technology is a part of our daily lives. Internet has become a way of life for many professionals. Using audio-visual streams to communicate with one another is now no big deal. The use of webcast production to manage many streams is a niche sector that is attracting many software engineers towards it. All this has happened with the introduction of IP multicast Mbone tools. Commercial streaming equipment from Apple Quicktime Streaming, Cisco IP/TV, Microsoft Media network, Real Networks has all lead to an increase in webcast production. There are many television programs that also make programs that can be used on the net. Many news channels which require putting news first on the net and making it interactive is a big hit with consumers.

Webcast producers monitor the kinds of streams that they would like to put on the website. They also do not find the older version of broadcasting tools well enough for production. They require better quality screening compatible to different monitor and broadband widths. Typically, separate audio and video streams are telecast. Webcast productions are still in a nascent stage and are quite complex to comprehend. Still it is difficult to have a live webcast although some channels are doing it successfully to a certain degree. With innovative techniques and experiments it will be possible to produce webcasts which will be technically free of hurdles and problems. In future even ordinary people will be able to make their own webcast rather than depending on current media.

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