Some years ago, it would be incredulous to think that you could watch ‘models’ perform to your pleasure or a group of people over a webcam. Now, different webcam sites have platforms where most models can create a personal profile or a broadcast channel to entertain their audience by stripping, dancing, nude modeling, sex chatting, and other sexual acts.

Webcam modeling is becoming more lucrative by the day, and more models continue to spring up on these ubiquitous dating sites. For many people, having a real person-person connection is everything; it forms the main reason why they choose dating sites and webcam models over pornography.

There are two ways of broadcasting yourself as a video chat model;

Group broadcast channel: You broadcast to a lot of people within the dating site who subscribe to your channel.

Private broadcast channel: you broadcast exclusively to a person or a small group. Your audience might ask you to perform some tasks (you can decline if you are not comfortable).

Video chat dating VS pornography
Although the pornography industry is growing over the years, most people still have a hard time accepting it. Our interview with a cam model (Zara) proves this; she quotes:

“…my family wouldn’t get wind of me acting porn, I'd sooner accept to get roast on a barbecue grill than endure their reactions.”

It shows that many people will do anything to make some money/become models but porn.

These days most dating sites have 'web coins' or 'tokens,' a means for viewers to pay/tip the webcam models during performances. The more entertaining you are to your audience, the bigger the tip, and vice-versa. Alternatively, you can also offer a premium broadcast channel whereby people have to pay before they can gain access to your broadcast.

Who is a cam model?
A cam model is more like a TV star; the only difference is that cam models sit in front of a web camera, and they foster a closer connection with her fans (audience). Webcam models are now becoming more popular as more people are switching from the mainstream media TVs, radios, billboards, etc. to more digital forms such as Social media, web sites, podcasts, dating sites.

Here is my interview with a cam model from Trisha, a 26 years old female who lives by herself and claims to be making a sizeable passive income through cam modeling to help support herself to college.

After all the niceties, we got down to the interview (she is quite honest and jovial)

Cam modeling might be what some people will call 'lazy-modeling' and would not give deep thoughts; what will you say made you move into cam modeling?

Trisha: When I moved down to New York from Oregon, I always wanted to be a celebrity/star, waving through the bright lights as my fans cheer me on, but life always surprises us, and hey! I’m a celebrity (she says this laughing).

Why did you get into cam modeling?

Trisha: I used to work full-time as a waitress at one of the local restaurants, but the work was very stressful (she said with longing, sad smile). I mean, we would work 8 hours a shift, with an inconsistent break of 10 minutes. I just couldn't continue, and I had to look for something else.

Remarkably, people don’t seem to remember how they became models. Could you tell us how you got into cam modeling?

Trisha: When I finally got to New York, I became friends with a roommate of mine (she wouldn't tell me a name), and she was mostly in the house while I went to the restaurant where I was working. I got curious one day and asked her what she did for a living, and she replied to me she was a model on random chat. I laughed at what I thought was a joke; I became the joke 30 minutes later when my friend explained the kind of modeling she does.

I understand you are two years into this job already; how well do you think you are doing as a cam model based on your audience/channel?

Trisha: well, I guess I'm doing well, though my audience count kind of fluctuates per broadcast; I engage between 10 and 300 people. But as I said, it varies, and weekends are when I get my highest audience.

People say webcam models make a lot of money, well I haven’t met one before you; do you care to clear the air?

Trisha: (Now blushing a bit) Well, yeah, I get that a lot all the time from my friends and others who know the job I do. But it depends on my audience, and maybe insignificantly their mood. I can make between $1 500 to $5 000 a month, depending on the hours I work and how generous my tippers are. Private sessions are where I make the highest amount.

When I compare it to the stress of my previous job or the one before, this is more like a steal (blushing & smiling more now).

Most people seem to think models don't have a life outside their job; is this true? Or is it a personal decision? Do you have a job outside webcam modeling?

Trisha: First of all, I’d like to say Trisha is different from Sandra, or Chloe, or Tasha, or Amanda. We all have our goals and reasons to do the things we do. As I said, I still plan on going to college, and I have an account for that. Outside that, I own a fashion blog, and I also plan on starting a small clothesline.

Though I like being a webcam model, I don’t think I’d be interested in some 10-years from now. So, that is the difference; it all comes down to our choices.

Lastly, before you go, can you tell us how your family is dealing with the fact that you are a webcam model?

Trisha: I think I’m lucky to have a family that understands and supports my decisions. Though it wasn’t easy at the beginning, they didn't get the concept of me being a model over the webcam, they all remember sites like Ome TV. But they were patient with me and allowed me to do my thing. I am very grateful for their support.

Thank you very much, Trisha.

So, there is it; all you need to know about webcam models in recent times and how they are always looking for better ways to do the things they do.

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Ikhraaf Qaiser is a blogger and renowned author on many websites. He loves to write about health, lifestyle, and travel.