Advancement of technology is not only enhancing our lives by making it simpler but are also opening new avenues of career and new business opportunities in front of us. Now a day one of the growing trends in the cyber space is internet hosting service, which not only makes work simpler but are also acting as a major factor behind boosting the business of organizations and individuals who are attached with projects and works related with the cyber world. Web hosting services allows organizations and individuals to serve content on the internet by running web servers.

One of the most common features of these web applications is web hosting, which is generally coupled with a variety of other services. There are in fact many kinds of hosting services which in turn can be divided into broadly two main groups as Full featured hosting services and Limited or Application Specific Hosting Services. Full featured hosting services include Virtual Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, Colocation facilities and Cloud Hosting. Application Specific Hosting Services on the other hand include File Hosting, DNS Hosting Service etc.

There are many organizations and networks which deal in this business of internet hosting and promise to provide fantabulous cutting edge technology for hosting, designing and developing good quality websites and various web applications. Most of them provide all kinds of services necessary for developing and running high quality eye-catching websites. There are many recognized companies offering un-paralled hosting solutions, application designing and corporate email solutions and internet marketing services. But the services which are mostly in demand are Web Hosting like Virtual Server Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting and Windows Dedicated Hosting.

Virtual Server Hosting –

It generally refers to a virtual machine, whose software despite running on the same physical machine as the other person’s virtual machine is in many aspects considered and acts as equivalent to a physically separate, independent machine not only serving individual customer’s requirements but also protecting their privacy. It is an excellent alternative for those customers who need something more than shared hosting but is reluctant to pay for a dedicated server. It works as a standalone independent server providing a much cheaper alternative to dedicated servers. Not only this, it is also much more flexible allowing customized application set and the freedom to install any application with its Root access allowing us to install and configure any program that one wants. With this one can also host other services like a mail server and simultaneously can use it for file storage and back up.

Dedicated Server Hosting –

It is a kind of hosting service in which a server is a server is leased out by a client and it is not shared with anyone. Unlike shared hosting services, Dedicated Hosting has more control over the servers and can choose the hardware and operating system of their choice. In many cases this kind of server provides larger return on investment. Since these kinds of servers are dedicated to a single customer it helps in quick operations and downloading of data. These kinds of servers are well suited for companies that require efficient and quicker resources and a high data transfer rate.

Windows Dedicated Hosting -

It is an application based popular web hosting plan and generally requires specific Windows server configurations to avail the services. Since, Microsoft OS is the widely accepted operating system in the market, such corporate hosting plan is in high demand among enterprises. It is often coupled with additional services like premium firewall services, intrusion detection device, intrusion prevention device, available out of band access, console server management, remote power cycle management, network monitoring services and phone and live support (24*7*365).

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