It’s been over a decade that US companies have been outsourcing jobs to India. The country once lead in the service solutions industry specifically customer service and technical support. On a global scale, India dominates among any other Asian nation in terms of business process outsourcing advancement and technology. However, in this new marketing era, the Philippines have outdone India in providing best-in-class IT-business process outsourcing solutions.

Current demand of the business process outsourcing in the Philippines is trending up. On-line jobs opened doors to Filipino freelancers for various job opportunities such as web development, web design, project management, online ESL teaching, content writing, researching and the likes. The country found its niche in web development and web design conquering the global marketplace, such as North America, the EMEA region, Australia, and Asia. Thus, most Filipino web developers earn other foreign currencies at the convenience of their home.

Since Philippine web development is becoming popular and raging, competition among freelance web developers is becoming stiff and taut. This creates a cue among Filipino freelancers to build a bolstered and solid foundation in them as they face tough competition. As such, this mentality inspires every web coders to excel and to upgrade their skills and knowledge with the newest trends and know-how’s in technology. This also boosts up their competence level while creating a competitive advantage and to be branded among the best web developers in the Philippines.

This lures foreign employers to hire Filipino web developers than among their Indian counterparts. Hence, web outsourcing in the Philippines continues to grow exponentially.

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