This article is a useful piece of information for businesses that are going to design and develop a website. It states the key designing flaws that they should be aware of.

Having a website does not necessarily mean you will be having visitors flowing in with many turning finally into buyers. A faulty website with lack of features, visual appeal or speed will never help a business to flourish online.

It’s clear. Websites that convert are actually the useful ones. So, to ensure that your website is effective in drawing enough visitors and turning them into buyers, you need to design it perfectly. Of course, you need to appoint the best web design company in Australia which have strong feat in web designing and hence can craft for you a flawless website. Seeking the help of professional designers will assure that your website is not built with all the common blunders that most businesses make today.

Here are some of the biggest mistakes that dedicated web designers will avoid making on your website.

Non-responsive design

This is the one mistake that you can never afford making. Non-responsive design means having a website that works fine on desktops or PCs but appears inappropriately on devices with small screen sizes i.e. smartphones and tablets. With more people using mobiles and using it as the quick resort to search for information, shop and get services, it is more important to make your website visible to the mobile users. Besides, you need a responsive website to avoid losing a lot of mobile traffic and hence opportunities for sales.

Confusing Navigation

Make sure to keep the navigation user-friendly and simple if you want the visitors to navigate naturally or intuitively through the pages of your site and take the last action of buying your service or product. Confusing navigation arises with too many pages, use of excessive links and pop-ups, and unclear categorisation of the sections without headings. Any professional web design company in Australia will avoid making your website’s navigation complex.

Cluttered Content or Poor Typography

There’s no use of providing information on the website if people are not going to read it. Putting information on the website in a haphazard manner without maintaining a sequel or using inappropriate typography will only make your content uninteresting to the visitors. Thus, put only a precise amount of content on the website, organize them properly, and ask your web designers to use suitable fonts.

Lack of professionalism in the theme

A theme that goes out of line with their business idea or brand might make your website an utter fail. Websites must look professional if it is about business, promoting a brand, selling a product or service and targets the mature audience. This is also the reason you should seek help from the experienced web designers who can incorporate a custom theme, highly professional in its way for your business site.

Inappropriate CTAs

Never forget about the relevance of CTAs on a website. They are the keys to influence the decisions of the buyers (to buy, subscribe, read more, or take other actions) after they have gone through the provided information on a webpage. Thus, play safely in placing the CTAs, use wise words and designs for the CTA tabs to make sure that the buyers’ decisions are influenced!

The purpose of mentioning these blunders is to make you aware enough so that your website is designed correctly and is successful at converting. However, it’s surely not possible if you don’t seek out the help of a best web design company in Australia whose team of professionals have the experience to build your website flawlessly.

Author's Bio: 

Iain Campbell is a dedicated web designer at one of the best web design companies in Australia who has helped a diverse number of businesses to go online and flourish with appealing sites. He is also a tech writer and writes blogs discussing the tips on web design and his experience of being associated with a web design company in Australia for more than 8 years.