When creating a new website, people often get confused between the terms web designer and web developer. In simple language, a web designer is a person who creates and designs the look and layout of your website while a web developer is a person who writes the codes to build the website and deploy it to the worldwide web. Any reputed website development company in UAE can offer you both services under one roof.

Let us look at the difference between a web designer and a web developer in detail:

A web designer is a person concerned with the visual aspect of your website. They decide on the whole look and feel of the website so that the users find it attractive and have the best experience.

They have good knowledge about different fonts, colours, typography, graphic design and more. They also have good knowledge about the target audience’s tastes and design the interface accordingly. A web designer creates attractive and responsive websites. The design of the website plays an important part in deciding the site’s ranking in search engines. The best web design company in Dubai can provide you with a website that makes the user interaction easy and smooth and also ensures a high ranking in search engines.

A website designer can have different roles. They are:

User Interface (UI) Designer
The user interface is the point of interaction between the website and its user. It is all the navigation buttons and icons and links that help you interact with a website. A UI designer has to create a simple and easy-to-navigate interface for the clients based on proper research done by the UX designers. They are responsible for how the user interacts with a website.

A UI designer is also concerned with the aesthetic aspect of a website. They have to think about the layout, the colour schemes, spacing, different icons, images and more. They also have to think about the responsiveness of the website on different devices and design accordingly. On a good user interface, users will instinctively know what to do to reach where they want to on the website.

Use Experience (UX) Designer
A UX designer is concerned with giving users the best experience on the website. They have to think of all are the ways users will interact with the website and design layouts that will provide the most hassle-free experience. This can be achieved only through proper market research. Based on the collected data, they confirm the website’s final layout.

While UI was concerned with the visual appeal of the website, UX is concerned with the consumer’s experience. A web design agency in Dubai has experts in different design areas who conduct proper research to plan and design the layout of the website.

Visual designer
A visual designer is a combination of a UX and UI designer. They ensure that the website is aesthetically pleasing but at the same time easy to navigate.

Web designers use several tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. They also have to have strong knowledge about programming platforms such as HTML and Javascript. They create a wireframe for the website so that web developers can work on building them. Expert web design companies in Dubai field designers who are properly trained in these tools and programming platforms and will be able to design something that is visually very attractive and easy and comfortable to use.

A web developer is a person whose concern is with building what the designers have created. They are responsible for the technical aspect of the website. They have to take in the wireframe created by the designers and make a functioning website out of it. They are also responsible for further maintenance of the website after it has been launched. Any server problems are fixed by them so that the users can have a seamless experience. All the complex coding on the back-end is done by them to make the website functional.

There are mainly three types of roles for a web developer. They are:

Back-end developers
Back-end developers are people who are well versed in complicated programming languages like Python and PHP. They create the core part of the website using different programming languages according to the type of website. The back-end is where all the internal functioning of a website happens. They do coding on the servers and databases and therefore their work is not visible to a user of the website. They also have to have strong knowledge about MySQL or other database management systems.

Front-end developers
The work that front-end developers do is visible to the users of the website. They are the ones developing the visual aspect that the web designers have created. The code and programme the website layout and the different points of interaction according to the wireframe. They have to be well versed in programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Full-stack developer
A full-stack developer is a person who knows both front-end and back-end development. They have complete knowledge of how the web works and can programme a website so that the back-end and front-end work together seamlessly. They are overall experts in website development.

Website development requires a good understanding of how the web works and different programming languages that can be used to build those websites such as Python, PHP, C#, JavaScript, MySQL and more. They make the website functional and ensure that it works smoothly and effectively. Companies specialising in website development in Dubai can help in creating the logical and efficient website that you require.

In simple language, the job of a web designer is similar to that of an architect while the job of a web developer is that of an engineer. Web designing is visual while web development is technical. These terms cannot be used interchangeably. You can always approach a company specialising in both website development and website design in Dubai to get a good quality product as they have experts in both fields who can work together. Both are different steps in creating a website and it is important that both are present to get the product that you and your customers want.

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A web designer is a graphic artist who is responsible for designing the layout, usability, and visual appearance of a #website. A successful #webdesigner must possess an array of creative, graphic, and technical skills. And a #webdeveloper is someone who builds and maintains the core structure of a website. They’re tasked with converting the #webdesign into a functional website, using coding languages such as HTML, JavaScript, PHP, and Python.

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