Internet as we know today that geographic information can be reached through the store. In just two decades, a web request from the university basic research, marketing and communication medium that most people around the world impinge on everyday life has moved. The world population of more than 233 countries covering over 16% is reached by.

As the amount of information on the Web, information is sometimes difficult to follow and use. The thing is that complex web pages, each with its own independent structure and presentation of information spread across billions of dollars. If you are looking for information in a useful format, how to find - and without breaking the bank to quickly and easily?

The search is not enough

Search engines are a great help, but they may work only part, and they are struggling to monitor daily. For all the power of Google and its relatives, it can all search engines to find information and talk. Only two or three deep in a website URL to get information, then return levels. Search engines, deep Web, information that some sort of registration form and entry is only available after completing the information retrieved, and can be stored in a format desirable. For information in a format desirable or a particular application, use search engines to locate information, you still need the following information is to capture measures to protect:

•Until you learn to crawl content.
•(usually by highlighting with a mouse) Mark information.
•To another application (like a spreadsheet, database or word processor) that.
•Stick the information in the application.

Not all copy and paste

Consider the scenario of a company; a public group more than 100,000 miles name and e-mail is to build email list marketing. The man who takes more than 28 hours if the person to copy and paste it into a second name and email management would result in only $ 500 in wages, excluding other costs. Time required for copying a record number of data fields directly copy and paste the report /.

There is an alternative to copy and paste?

Companies or market competition on the Internet on a broadband data to exploit, especially for a better solution, custom software and web harvesting tools for use with.

Web harvesting software automatically extracts information from the web and picks up where search engines leave off work, are search engines can not. Extraction equipment to read, copy and paste to gather information for later use automatically. Site and collect data with software in a way that mimics human contact is to browse the site. Web harvesting software only to find, filter, and greater speed of copying data that is humanly possible to use the site. Able to upgrade the software to browse the site and use data without leaving a trace gather silence.

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