With the advancement in technology, wearable devices are not only restricted to wristwatches. The Internet Of Things has brought up revolutionary modern-day wearable devices like smartphones. Wearable technology connects devices to others through an internet connection. Most of the devices are designed to work with smartphones and devices that run on wearable technology needs a mobile app to manage data. Let us see details of wearable apps.

What Is Wearable Apps?
Wearable Technology is a category of technology devices that are worn by a user either directly as an accessory or as a part of other materials like clothing. These gadgets further connect to the internet directly or through a smartphone to perform a number of functions by exchanging data between the network and device.

There are specific apps that are designed to work with wearable devices. Accuweather, Parking, Spotify, Bring are some popular wearable apps. Apple and google are two top developers of wear apps. These apps are more complicated than standard mobile apps.

How Wearable Apps Are Differ From Smartphone Apps?
1. Functionality-
Hardware of wearable technology is small and less powerful so there are some limitations for functionalities of a single wearable app on a device.

2. User Interaction-
Generally, wearable apps have little to almost no user interactions. The work automatically collects data and displays output. Very few wearable apps need input from a user. Whereas, mobile apps are mostly developed for user interactions.

3. Device Specificity-
Wearable apps use APIs specific to the device and so the same cannot be used on other devices or platforms. Until now, same wearable apps can’t be used on other devices or even the same device of other makers. However, mobile apps have the flexibility of being able to run on different makes and models of mobile phones and even on tablets.

But the good thing about the development of wearable apps is, it is similar to the development of smartphone apps. Only the expert development company that has experience of developing wearable apps can develop app for particular wearable gadget.

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