wealth manifestation meditation

In the following article I will share with you a very powerful wealth manifestation meditation to attract wealth and abundance into your life.

The formula is very simple. In order to attract abundance and wealth, all limiting beliefs must be eliminated. The following meditation will take you step by step through the process of eliminating limiting beliefs and replacing them with beliefs of wealth, success and abundance!


Poverty Consciousness

The reason we have not been able to manifest more abundance in our lives is due to a state of poverty consciousness. Poverty consciousness is the limiting beliefs that we have about our own unworthiness to receive abundance. When we recognize that the reason we are not receiving more success and abundance in our lives is due to our limiting beliefs, we can begin to eradicate these beliefs and begin attracting abundance into our lives.

Abundance is Natural

Abundance is our natural state of being. However, due to conditioning, sometimes our conscious mind will resist the energy of abundance from flowing into our lives due to fear, doubt and unbelief. These fears and doubts are subtle and play behind the scenes in our subconscious. The following meditation will allow you to relax your conscious mind, allowing you to replace old limiting thoughts with new positive thoughts of abundance into your subconscious mind.

Please read the following teaser. I have transcribed clips from the Law of Attraction video which you will find at the bottom of the page. If you like the teaser, you will love the video. Watch this video frequently to rid your mind of Poverty Consciousness and experience more wealth manifestation, success and abundance in your life. Please remember to leave me a comment. Your thoughts and reactions help to contribute to the experience of the whole.

Abundance Consciousness

You are a very special and unique person. There is no one exactly like you. There will never be another person exactly like you. So you are special, unique and one of a kind person who is just as good as anyone else and you deserve abundance. You desire more money, more wealth, more success. You deserve abundance.

Limiting & Self Sabotaging Patterns


Take time to find new ways of thinking about abundance, happiness and success. So in the future it will be natural for you to have abundance feelings. So that you will know there is no limit to the abundance that you can create and that you can attract. You are unlimited, infinite, eternal being and you deserve to succeed. You deserve wealth and abundance just as much as anyone else.

The Past

The past allowed you to learn many things. You refuse to build your life on guilt and it has no value for you now. Your childhood programming has no power over you now. Some of your experiences were negative, limiting and full of fear. Let go of all limiting and negative programming from your childhood. You do not need them. Reject them as over, and done, and gone. Now each day happens your way. You believe more and more each day that you can be wealthier and happier because you deserve it.

Imagine the Golden Ring

A golden halo of light is above your head, imagine this wheel is there. Place a triangle with a point at the top facing away from you through the middle of the wheel. At the top of the triangle are written these words, Poverty Consciousness. Poverty consciousness is made of limiting beliefs of not being worthy of abundance and success. Underneath the triangle are written the unconscious limiting programming that is keeping you stuck in poverty consciousness.

Begin spinning the golden wheel clockwise slowly, then speeding it up, spinning faster and faster. Allow the blue triangle to blow up through the wheel out of your system, taking with it the unconscious poverty consciousness that keeps you stuck. Spin the wheel continually as poverty consciousness leaves you. Allow the wheel to slow and disappear. (See Video Below for Full Manifestation Meditation.)

Law of attraction With Hypnosis ( Guided Audio)


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