Have you ever compared yourself to another woman? How many times have you compared yourself to another woman lately? 1? 2? 10? 100 times a day? As women we do this in all areas of our lives; how many times have you told yourself: "look at how skinny she is, she has a lot of money, she is more beautiful than I am, she has a handsome and hot husband, she has a beautiful home, she is lucky, she has a great business, she is this and that... " this only makes you miserable and keeps you stuck, because you cannot move forward with this kind of mindset!! If you are doing this, please stop it already because it is not serving you, it is only creating BLOCKS in your life! Every time you do this you hurt yourself, because in essence you are telling yourself you are not good enough, and you don't deserve this or that, putting yourself down, making you less than you really are, and you create blocks by telling the universe with your feelings of lack that you want more of what you do not want, and don't deserve what you do want.

Instead, CHOOSE to focus on what you want! Visualize it, feel it! Whenever you start comparing yourself to other women, remind yourself of who you are, see the goddess in yourself, see the light of God in yourself and in other women, see that they are divine, so are you. Whatever you see in other women is also a possibility in you.

What does this have to do with money? A-lot, you are blocking the flow of abundance and attracting lack into your life, therefore you find yourself in a place where you struggle making money, everything is energy so is money. You wouldn't think that focusing on others and what you do not have would keep you broke or stuck, but the truth is that the lack of money is only the result of what you are feeling and thinking about. Be conscious of how often you compare yourself to other women and when it happens, make a conscious decision to appreciate what they have, and who they are, and keep your focus on you and what you want.

Comparison has been one of my blocks for a very long time; comparison has cost me time and money. Sometimes I still fall into the trap of comparison while I'm building my business. When I was doing research to define my target market, I found many women online serving the ones I wanted to serve, for a moment I was discouraged because I didn't think that I had anything to contribute or to add since there are other women doing the same thing. Here was my mind chatter coming totally from a place of lack: "they have all the systems they need, they have more time than I do, they look so professional with their products and websites and their events rock... well I guess the world does not need me because I'm not good enough, I don't have systems, all the resources I need, I don't have enough time, so I am just going to stay in my corner... " then I don't do anything until I get inspired again wasting time and energy. Is this familiar to any of you?

That is a BIG FAT LIE because the truth is: ONLY I can channel my message to the world, ONLY I can live my own purpose, ONLY I can make my own contribution to the world, because I am UNIQUE and there is no one else like me in the universe. There is no one else like you either and there is an infinite supply of everything you want, need or desire. So please, change your thoughts patterns, let abundance flow to you. BE YOU!

I invite you to a few minutes and write down the names of the people you have compared yourself to and write down why you think they have that you don't have.Also,write down all the things that you think you are missing in your life that others have. What are the top 20 things on that list that you really want in your life? Number them 1-20 on a separate piece of paper; by each item, write down an action plan to get each one of those items. Then, put the list somewhere where you can see them everyday to remind yourself, give yourself time and check off each item from your list as you receive them.Take a deep breath, inhale love and exhale gratitude for who you are because you can have anything you wrote down on that list if you really want to. Intentions plus efforts plus grace equals growth. You can do it,you are worth it, and everything you see in others is a possibility in you if you are willing to make efforts to obtain them.


Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.