The words, “Know Thyself” were found inscribed on the walls of the Delphi Temple in the ancient city of Athens, Greece. This inspiring phrase has influenced minds throughout the history of mankind. It accompanies the human soul in its journey on the path to understanding the meaning of life and self-improvement.

For centuries, human beings have been trying to understand not only our spiritual world, but also the mysteries of the environment that surrounds us. The search for harmonious coexistence with our environment brings us closer to accepting and understanding the laws of karma.

Human beings are strong enough to change their karma. Freedom of choice strengthens us in perfecting our souls' karma. Willpower enables us to cut off or restore interpersonal and kinfolk connections. For example, each time we move or change our jobs, marry or divorce, we are influenced by our willpower to change existing life situations.

Karma teaches us spiritual and ethical values, as well as the art of living and enjoying life. Development of our spiritual essence becomes easier if we live, work, and carry out our responsibilities with pleasure and joy. We cannot fully enjoy the pleasures of our earthly lives without freeing ourselves from the debts we’ve accrued in our past lives.

A human soul incarnates in this dimension with the purpose of learning and perfection, but often gets caught in the trap of mistakes of "earthly youth." It takes many incarnations for a soul to mature. There is no need for a soul to change its progression of embodiments – it needs only to change its attitude towards its incarnations and karmic debts.

Our actions, thoughts and intentions create our Karma.
Karma is the foundation of our destiny.
© Rachel Madorsky
"Symphony of Your Karma: Healing Destiny of Soul"

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Rachel Madorsky, MS, is known worldwide as an expert on natural healing and author of Symphony of Your Karma, Create Your Own Destiny, Karma of Your Destiny, Your Choice; and Energy and Health. She is one of those rare, gifted people, born with the ability to heal, devoting her life to what she wants to do most – help people. She maintains a private consulting practice.