Hello Beautiful! This Tarte mascara has been one of the best-selling products for 10 years, becoming one of the favorite mascara of YouTubers and Instagrammers of beauty from half the world.

When we make up many times, we forget that it is very important to take care of the products properly so that they last in perfect condition as long as possible and do not spoil before the expiration date expires. Today, specifically, we want to talk to you about how to take care of your Tarte mascara.

When to say goodbye to our tarte mascara?

Yes, we know it's your favorite eyelash mask but, the time has come to get rid of it. Extending its useful life will only cause eye irritation and lumps full of lumps. The most normal thing is that you discard it when you have spent 3 months from the first use (unless the packaging indicates something different).

What not to do with your tarte mascara?

- Pump brushing: it is a bad habit to put and remove the brush inside the container too many times because the only thing we get is to introduce air and that the product dries more quickly.

- Remove the excess in the neck of the container: another bad habit with the mascara is to clean the excess brush on the neck of the container. In addition to making the packaging very dirty, you will also cause it to dry much faster.

- Close it badly: the rush can cause us not to close the lid properly and, therefore, the life of our mascara will be significantly shortened. So, make sure you close the container tightly.

- Share it with someone: under no circumstances should you share the mascara with someone. The eye is a very delicate area and where very serious infections can occur but strict hygiene is maintained. In makeup issues, yours must be only yours!

How to recover a tarte mascara that has dried before it expires?

It is possible that if you don't do what we have indicated above, your tarte mascara will dry early. If that happens, there are tricks to recover it and extend its useful life. But beware! Use the tricks shown below only if the expiration date has not expired, if it is already expired, throw it away.

- Heat water in a glass and introduce the mascara for a minute. The heat will make the consistency of the product more fluid again.

- Add a drop of natural oil. It can serve you coconut, almond, olive ...

- Add thermal water to the brush and reinsert it into the container

Now you know everything you need to take care of your favorite tarte mascara.

How to apply the mascara correctly

• All makeup artists recommend placing the brush loaded with the formula at the root of the eyelashes, brushing up. To do this, a trick is to throw your head slightly back. In this way, we will ensure that most of the product is in the roots of the eyelashes, and the tips will be softer and more separated.

• If you are going to use the curling iron, remember to do it before applying the mascara, and never after having put on makeup because they could break.

• To lengthen the tabs slide the brush up. If you want to curl them more, turn the brush as you slide it. For a more intense look, add more layers.

• Avoid pumping mascara (the typical gesture we all make of putting and removing the brush several times from the tube), because the only thing that is achieved is that air enters and lumps form.

• On the tabs below, apply very little to avoid stains.

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