After watching Fortress Besieged two months ago, I have been trying to write something, but I always feel that I have no inspiration. Turning to the review page of Fortress Besieged today, I could not help saying something when I saw the words of criticism and reproach. This is a reflection on Fortress Besieged, as well as on the current phenomenon of "criticizing everything".
"Fortress Besieged" is a book that I started on the train when I left China and finished when I arrived in Strasbourg. It accompanied me on the tedious train journey, the dimly lit plane journey, the bistro in the streets of Paris and the TGV on its way to Strasbourg. I thanked it for its rich and humorous language and profound contents, which taught me to smile and look up at people around me with gratitude even in the most difficult night.
In Fortress Besieged by Qian Zhongshu, fang Hung-chien is portrayed as a typical old-style Chinese intellectual. He is angry and angry, with some talents but not enough information. He is busy among several young ladies, this one is inconsiderate, the other is reluctant to give up, and finally he only marries a wife who "doesn't hate anything". His marriage, his career and his life provided later Chinese people with a universal term "fortress Besieged" : those who come in want to go out, and those who go out want to come in. This is more apt than "you look at me and I look at you", the reciprocal contradiction between helplessness and longing that comes to life in Mr Qian's pen. Mr. Qian's writing is not gentle, you might even say caustic and sarcastic, but the good sentences are full of praise, because you have to admit the accuracy of his words, the sensibility of his words, and the truth of his words. So it's funny to be bitter, but it's not out of line to be mean. Those people, those things, are really so irritating and hateful and ridiculous.
Every book will convey something, when you read, some let you moved, some let you shock, some let you fear, some let you comfortable... In my opinion, the standard to judge a novel as a classic is whether it can make you reflect on it, shock you and even make other ideas in the days after you finish reading it; Whether it can withstand the invasion of time is not annihilated; Does it faithfully reflect the deepest aspects of human nature, so that you can read it decades and centuries from now and think, yes, the ideas it illustrates are still alive today. "Fortress Besieged", a book that has stood the test of at least a few decades, is still affecting people today and arousing their sympathetic emotions; People will see it and its author, will hold the least respect and gratitude, respect for such a Chinese and Western scholar, grateful that he left us many fragrant words.
But today, I find it sad and angry that so many people have lost even the most basic of moral values. Those who plagiarize are praised everywhere, while those who study hard are not respected at least. There is such a group of people, they curse Lu Xun, scold Lin Yutang, scold Qian Zhongshu, scold Bing Xin... It is as if the rebuke elevates their rank, the rebuke makes them different, upends everything, upends everything, all the masters are not worth mentioning, only themselves are the greatest and the best. This is what state of mind, flastedoneself excellent at the same time, be about to regard others as a stepping stone, and these others are all better than you on thousands of tens of thousands of times.
In those turbulent times, it is difficult to survive in the first place. In the spare time of hard living, to study, study, seek knowledge, and write, it requires a very tough will and patience. On these two points alone, the modern man cannot be compared with the old. They may not be brilliant, they may not be determined, and they sometimes give in, but they have been working hard on the land of words for decades, and now young people with poor Chinese and even incoherent compositions have no right to blame them.
In fact, people are like this, ignorance of time who are not in the eye, what can be criticized; When I was a little wiser, I began to be afraid, and found that I knew more than I knew, and that those who had expertise in what I saw were admired because they could make some achievements in the field they were not good at. A little further on, I became a professional, and began to be proud, thinking that after seeing thousands of mountains and rivers, I was entitled to give advice... Life is a process of seeking self-perfection. Every ups and downs are your own knowing smile. Why tread on others' feet and trample them down?
Every time I read the book, I was very earnest and pious, a Word document was always open, ready to record good sentences at any time; Sometimes read for a while and then stop to think about it, and even go back to read from the previous few paragraphs, if you can understand some of the literal meaning, always feel happy, as if the moment and the author's heart, feeling, their own inspiration to write things also came... There are some books that are not so good or so attractive that I will read the beginning carefully to make sure that it is just so so, and then I will put it down.
Each book is a treasure, because I no longer ignorant, but never afraid, I will only fear more cautious. I am always looking forward to learning more, and I am grateful to life for all that I know, for every humble and true character, for every glorious moment, for the simple life, for the magnificent history, every drop of which irrigates my heart and teaches it to blossom a flower every day.
And my only hope, those of you who are not, is that you will have the least respect in the face of a book which you have exhausted your efforts to write.

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