All of us yearn that others behave and act in a gentlemanly, sweet and generous manner with us so that it aids our overall progress in life and that others do not act in such a way with us that obstructs our happiness and use of material comforts. But know for sure that others too expect that we behave in a wholesome honest manner with them. It is certainly is a 2 way traffic. If we wish that no obstruction comes in the way of fulfillment of our needs but that we keep on fleecing others why will others behave honestly and appropriately with us? There exists what is called the law of give and take. If we think it is perfectly alright not to help anybody, not be of use to others, do not behave generously, humbly and politely with others then be ready for consequences like facing unruly behavior from others and thus getting hurt either physically or mentally in the process.

In countries like India people travel a lot by trains especially for long distance journeys. Thus if we see other passengers sitting with legs/hands spread out and bedding on the seat we naturally have to stand. If we ask such people to sit properly so that we too can get a place to sit, they are up in arms against us. To avoid such a rowdy situation we tend to keep quiet and complete our journey standing. At such times we inwardly curse such selfish people who pay no heed to others’ comforts. Yet there are times when we get a place to sit in trains and we too behave selfishly. We too sit by spreading our legs and act rudely with fellow travelers. Is this double faced behavior proper on our part?

When our daughter becomes of marriageable age we yearn that the groom’s family is kind hearted enough and does not ask for dowry. We tend to curse those who demand a dowry. Yet when our own son is ready for marriage we too thoughtlessly demand a dowry from the bride’s family. If others rob or cheat us we feel hurt but when we loot others we pat our backs saying how ‘shrewd’ we are. If this double faced behavior reigns in world society how shall we all attain true everlasting joy and peace?

If someone takes a loan from us when he is in dire need we wish that this man always remains grateful to us and that he repays the loan as soon as possible. If this man remains ungrateful and refuses to repay us how bad we feel. Thus when we take a loan from someone we too should harbor gratefulness and repay the money as soon as it is possible to do so. Why should we keep this money taken as loan from us for more than the required time? We all the time wish that people behave and speak humbly, sweetly, with love etc. We feel very hurt if others speak venomously, harshly or behave indifferently with us. Thus we must remember that we too must speak politely, lovingly and not utter foul language with others. During times of strife we expect other people’s help. Thus is it right that when other people undergo trying times we behave rudely or indifferently with them instead of helping them out lovingly? When we become aged we expect our children to look after our needs since we have nurtured them right from childhood to adulthood while enduring harsh times too. Yet our own behavior towards our aged parents is despicable and hard hearted. Say can any good accrue from imbibing such double faced principles?

We expect others to respect our wives, daughters etc and not act lewdly with them. Thus is it apt that we look upon others’ wives, sisters etc with malicious lustful looks? If the pain and anguish of other creatures is looked upon as our very own, how can anyone eat flesh of other living beings? How can we behave unjustly with all creatures? How can we behave dishonestly, demeaning and cast aspersions on others without any rhyme or reason? When we make big or small mistakes we expect others not to attach too much importance to it and follow the tenet or ‘forgive and forget’. Thus others also shall expect from us that we behave magnanimously with everyone and that when others err we too generously forgive them. If we expect gentlemanly behavior from others we too should follow in their footsteps. Of course wicked people may not return our friendly behavior. There is no dearth of beastly people in this world who benefit from other people’s generosity but in return spew venom and hatred on pious people. There are many vile people who attack those who work selflessly for the welfare of all. Of course we must be cautious enough not to imbibe their venomous hateful nature yet we must not renounce our gentlemanly behavior just because such wicked people thrive in the world. Clouds shower rain everywhere; mother earth shoulders the burden of all and tolerates urine and feces too of all creatures. Thus why should we too not imbibe such power of endurance, greatness and magnanimity?

Many a time generous people are cheated by wily sly people and thus they suffer losses. But know for sure that in comparison to these losses those who benefit from the benevolence of great saintly people number up in high measure. Overall gentlemanly people always benefit. Selfish people who do not help others in need too are ignored and hence remain devoid of any benefit. Under such circumstances stingy, sly and fox like wily people always accrue losses in comparison to pious saintly people. Unethical shopkeepers who gulp double profits by cheating customers in the ultimate sense never progress in life. Such shopkeepers can be compared to selfish rowdy people who behave indecently with everyone but expect that others behave kindly and give a helping hand to them. Such lowly behavior can never aid others joys and progress in life.

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