We live a more enjoyable life when we live and share with others within a community of support, encouragement and friendship. We can be happy by our selves but our greatness comes when we work together and share experiences with others. We become stronger when we are supported and encouraged by others; those who help bolster us up so we are empowered to reach our highest potential. That is when joy, self-empowerment and support are being released in a healthy way. Of course it is important to spend some quality time alone where we can reflect and meditate but balance is the answer to living a happy and fulfilling life.

There is power in connectivity! When we come together in friendship, we heal our lives as we improve our behavior and attitude. We need each other to get through the highs and lows of life. When we feel supported we feel better about life and ourselves and then we absolutely know we have the ability to reach our highest potential. Our support team affords us the encouragement that lifts our spirit and helps us to perform at our best.

The scripture says” “When 2 or more are gathered in my name and in agreement, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” There is something real and wonderful when we adapt the concept of power in numbers. Genuine and sincere conversation and connection with others has allowed me to learn and grow in ways that I, otherwise, would not have experienced. I have gained by being enlightened, awakened and sometimes challenged to get involved when I felt insecure. Everyone wants to be thought of, cared about and remembered even it we refuse to admit it at times. To heal your life requires you to be open to receive and if you are isolated, you will not be able to receive what your Heavenly Father has deemed available for you.

Together we are better, stronger and more powerful. Remember there is power in connectivity! Yes there are many things we can do by ourselves; however, when we choose to make time to connect and share with others, our lives become more meaningful and more fulfilling. Man wasn’t created to live alone; we all feel better and are more content when we interact and share with others. That exchange of energy has the potentiality of helping us reach our highest potential in awesome ways. Sometimes when we share our hurts and pains we are given the opportunity to see things in a different way and quite possibly bring to light the experiences or events that have been holding us back in darkness. When we turn the light bulb on in our mind and see life differently we are opening the door to heal our lives in a huge way. Maybe it is time for you to cultivate new and wonderful relationships with those who will impact your life in a most rewarding way?

Author's Bio: 

Joan Marie is a woman with a mission. She is an author, life coach and a lecturer currently residing on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Her objective is to help people awaken to their true potential by taking back command of their lives through the process of changing the way they act, think and live. Joan Marie considers herself as a “seed planter” and through her techniques/approach both men and women will awaken to their authentic self by heightening self-awareness, thus improving their daily performance as they enhance their quality of life.