Despite witnessing downfall/uplifting and destruction/creation in the Almighty Lord’s creation oozing with good management, beauty and artistic form yet creativity and uplifting predominate by miles. Despite weather influences and activities of all creatures tending to destruction an indomitable truth emerges that the beauty/fragrance of flowers, greenery of trees, lusciousness of fruits etc will reign supreme for a very long time to come. In order that creation persists it is imperative that both destruction and production work hand in hand. An example of this would be the sun rising and then setting, creatures being born and then dying etc.

On witnessing the history of the cycle of progress wherein the elements of both uplifting and downfall are at work man should never ever desp)air on coming face to face with a particular situation. A wave in the ocean dashes down only to rise up again with ferocity. A new born babe goes through the phases of childhood, youth, old age and then death. And yet post death a new life comes its way. Despite gaping at the dark gloomy night of despair know for sure that a radiant red dawn is round the corner so as to usher in the golden rays of the sun. Hence always harbor intense faith and hope during times of dire straits.

If we sift through pages of world history time and again dire circumstances have manifested and in fact questions were asked fearfully whether this was the end of the world. And yet the Creator has always promised its creatures that never will he allow his supreme creation i.e. this world along with all living beings including princely mankind to get destroyed thus. The manifestation of an Avatar (incarnation of God) involves miraculously overturning dire world situations and replacing them with conducive ones. Something of this sort is about to happen in the near future. Today we are bogged down by despair and gloominess in every nook and corner of the world. Crime, illegal activities, lack of ethics/integrity etc are pushing mankind to a vicious downfall and hence indeed the times are dire. At such times all wise individuals of the world must harbor intense faith that whatever is about to take place in the next couple of decades will be nothing short of extraordinary.

Today in order to maintain a high stature of creation of consciousness that creates life a great responsibility rests on the shoulders of religious systems, spirituality and philosophical principles. This responsibility encompasses creation of a sacred sentimental substratum based on which optimum and creative usage of world humanity’s faith. We must shun indolence and inactivity and instead the seeds of faith and hope must be sown in every family of the world. World humanity must exhibit their valor and enterprise in uprooting vileness in all forms by performing radiant wholesome feats. This is a well known fact that whenever principles of creation wither ignorance overwhelms the soul and poverty engulfs our material life. At such times these negative elements are out to destroy the world itself. Further even men of great intellectual brilliance, despite trying to combat this evil development are rendered listless, weak and forlorn. Thus vileness gets an open field to vainly flaunt its terror. Today’s times are very much similar to this wherein an imbalance in the form of weakening of creative elements and augmentation of negative forces are on the rise. The world today is afflicted by communal strife, caste based hatred, illegal activities, doomed state of ethical values, demeaned state of ideals in the lives of political and social leaders, mutual opposition etc and thus a terror like state of fear has overwhelmed world humanity. The moot question asked is: What will happen to our beloved planet since sacred principles are weakening day by day only to witness the atrocious situation of people of criminal/illegal leanings being ‘honored’ in society simply because they have amassed a huge amount of wealth. We are least bothered whether this wealth has been amassed by fair or foul means.

And yet today we are all very fortunate to have been born in the sacred land of India. Although we have witnessed darkness for the past 1500 years yet at some point or the other the seeds of our culture have not perished akin to the Matsyavatar (Fish Incarnation) protecting the seeds of creation when Pralaya or annihilation occurred. The invaluable wealth in the form of Super Mantra Gayatri and Yajna akin to a touchstone is in our vault and hence we have yet not lost all hope. This indeed is a very good sign. If we count the number of great saints who have taken birth in India for the past 6 centuries starting from Saint Kabir it is well nigh possible that so far so many great sages have not manifested so far in the annals of history. Some proclaimed the Path of Bhakti/Devotion, some were Social reformers, some encouraged the path of Karma Yoga, some imbibed a very valiant way of life so as to uproot weak mindedness and evil elements in society and yet other executed terrific austerities to energize the subtle world on a gigantic scale. Our revered author Gurudeva Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharyaji was born in India (Village Anvalkheda, Agra, Uttara Pradesh) in the first decade of the 20th century. Like a great spiritual aspirant our revered Yuga Rishiji performed intense Gayatri based austerities so that the holy River Ganges of Divine Wisdom manifests on planet Earth. He was a terrific storehouse of Divine Light which kindled sparks of great hope in the bosoms of millions of people the world over.

The divine light of Super Power Gayatri would have virtually been extinguished possibly due to fanaticism entering its realm wherein only males were allowed to chant it and that too only by those belonging to the Brahmin caste. But Almighty Lord could not see this happening and hence incarnated as Yuga Rishiji i.e. Gayatri manifest who in turn saw to it Super Mantra Gayatri entered every household devoid of any barriers like caste, creed, gender etc. Thousands of men and women are now immersed in Gayatri Meditation and are thus imbibing sacred thinking. Super power Gayatri in its formless aspect first purifies the mind of its devotees so as to induce sanctity of thought. Gayatri has incarnated in this world to totally transform world human psyche in a wholesome manner. The credit of manifesting this infinite ocean of Divine Energy Gayatri goes to that great saint, Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya who founded the All World Gayatri Family. This in turn produced millions of pious character householders and thus the supreme seeds of sacred culture were sown in their minds.

Every alphabet of the 24 lettered Gayatri Mantra, is said to be a ray of divine skill. In seed form each of these divine streams helps augment human glory and grandeur. Sun is the deity of Gayatri and its 7 faces, 7 horses, 7 weapons and 7 rays are very well known. And yet Savita the Vital Force or Prana of Gayatri manifests more streams. The 24 letters of Gayatri abounds with Sidhis attained via spiritual practices and Ridhis attained via personality development. It is only when we categorize them into 24 parts that we can easily understand its widespread influence on human life. It is only the confluence of mental purification and presence of material comforts in man’s life that can usher in divinity in mankind and a radiant heavenly situation the world over. This is the functional realm of Prajna Avatar or Divine Wisdom Incarnation. Such an incarnation is not an individual but is a potent Cosmic Divine Power. To the extent this Divine Power manifests in any individual to that extent he/she will be counted as an Era Creator who aids the Lila’s or divine sports of an Incarnation of God.

Every layman will witness in the coming years the mode in which a formless Divine Power transforms this present Era. It is nothing but the miraculous feat of this formless Conscious Divine Power who will induce today’s world humanity to renounce from their very roots a demeaned life full of discontent, strife, stress and obscene leanings and instead imbibe superior wholesome thinking and lifestyle. Proof of this rests with the 26 Ashwamedha Yajnas performed by the All World Gayatri Family. As a result of these Yajnas millions have renounced bad habits like alcohol/drug addiction, illegal activities, criminal leanings etc and instead have vowed to work hard so as to manifest divine qualities in their psyche. While pledging thus these devotees have vowed to enhance great qualities and their souls so that their external social and professional life too oozes with glory and greatness. They have accepted that this is their Yuga Dharma or Righteous Duty of this Era which in it self is the foundation stone that will herald a Satyuga or Golden Era in this world. Whether people harbor faith in this or not but when history of historic changes that will take place in the next 10 years will be written everyone the world over will truly understand this reality and will also deeply realize that behind all that has been written by this very revered and great author, a strong force of Divine Consciousness is at work.

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