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We have personal responsibility on three frequency levels

Because we have three levels of creativity and unresolved issues, we have personal responsibility on three frequency levels.

Conventional language tells us, “We are responsible for our creations on all levels” Three levels of creativity makes more clear what the heck they are talking about.

Q: Wait--I don't like this idea. My plate is already full. I don't need any more responsibility.

A: Then stop right here; read no further No urgency exists. Take your time. The only people who will enjoy reading further are persons looking to walk a path of greater self-mastery. This path is not for everyone all at the same time. It's primarily for those people who feel they cannot go forwards and cannot stay where they are presently. When forward is the only option available, the only direction available, then let's walk together because we very much need each other to heal. It's a cinch by the inch.

Our core issues often look like this: We can't fight our way out of a wet paper bag but people around us can see clearly where to push thru. This applies to me too.

Ask your worst enemy

The above appears to be the wisdom in John-Roger's idea of "Ask your worst enemy." your enemy is very likely to see the chinks in your armor more clearly than you do. Why? Because we push our unresolved unconscious issues out and away from our body, as far as we can push them. We discard them and chose not to deal with them. Consequently they remain alive on the outskirts of our aura.

Out and away from our body, they are in closer proximity to other people than to our own waking awareness. Other people walking near us are walking thru our issues we have discarded. They may be feeling them more strongly than we ourselves do, especially if they are paying attention to us.

(this is the final article of five on three frequencies of creativity, issues and personal responsibility)

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