We Create From An Internal Vision

Where does this internal vision really come from? Many may respond by saying that it comes from God or the Divine Source. This implies that as God chooses which gifts he endows to us, that we can allow such vision to gracefully unfold. You and I and all of us are each integral parts of God’s divine plan. We are all in dynamic interaction with one another, constantly refining the very ways that God allows for creation.

Every situation and interaction is God’s opportunity to speak to and through us. On the face of it, we may already know this but perhaps we may not always take heed of this in the moment. Many times situations arise that seem out of our control. They seem to come upon us when we may not have all our wits or resources together. This is the time when we’re tested to see if we can strengthen our character and overcome our challenges or doubt.

Ironically, it may be far easier to stand up for your convictions in the face of others’ doubts when really at question is whether you can rise above your own doubt? This is the real test. When you expand your heart and stay rooted in your positive energy, you’ll notice creative impulses, desires and insights that will feed and drive your vision. When you’re inspired, there’s no longer any room for doubt. You can feel at ease in knowing that it is your own energy that is the catalyst to create.

To create, be compassionate and patient with yourself. Take time to go within and your vision will become clearer and begin to take shape. You need not wonder about every next step because life’s answers reveal themselves in ways that they do. Of course, it’s good to plan though much better to remain open to higher ideals and collaborative creation.

Universal principles of determinism and dynamism are always at play anyway, so it’s best not to jump to far ahead of ourselves as happenstance may have it another way. This can be illustrated by practical example. For instance, you may have an appointment to go to the dentist though the office calls to reschedule it for another day. You now are able to call a friend who you find out is not feeling well and needs a ride to the doctor’s office. It was possible that her brother would’ve taken her but he would have lost a day at work, which would have required that he cancel a business meeting, which would have stalled business deadlines. One change precipitates and causes another change and before we can realize, these spiral of effects have far reaching consequences beyond what we will ever know.

Though we may not be able to predict many things on our horizon, it’s helpful to remember that when you are True To You then The World will be too. All energy that permeates our being is reverberating for the highest good. This is not to imply that unfortunate or hurtful things don’t occur, it just means that it is up to us to act in ways that will restore the highest benevolent order in the universe.

In conclusion, when you know what you can give, you know a great truth. As you open your heart to all of life, all of life becomes available to you. When moved from this heart space to give, there doesn’t have to be a reason! We do it for the internal cause that stirs us to stand up for our convictions that stem from intangible value.

The Internal Vision may be awakened by “cause” at any given moment, such as by something someone says, what someone does or what we notice happening that calls our Spirit to respond. Oftentimes it is spontaneous, though it doesn’t need to be. Other times this vision may be something that arises in solitude.

If you’re wondering what you can give to others, first ask what you would give to
Yourself. To actualize your Internal Vision, all you need to do Is first, know who you are, second, know what you want and third, know what you can give and give it.

We are all together on this Earth now. We are all creators. We are part of the rhythm of Life and Together we Can Create Beautiful Music!

Author's Bio: 

Moreen’s Mind, Body, Spirit philosophy integrates traditional and alternative modalities in all of her endeavors. She brings her authentic, intuitive presence into her practice and communicates on a soul-to-soul level.

NJ Licensed Social Worker (MSW).
She has worked in both clinical and non- clinical settings with individuals of all age. She is a Life Purpose and Career Coach (certified by The Life Purpose Institute) who helps others access the very best of themselves.

Moreen has additional training in Heart Centered Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Level II), Masters’ level Reiki II and Parenting Education.

She is passionate about reading and writing metaphysical, and self-help literature.

Publications: “Self Trust, Self Care, Self Signature” Chapter 23 featured in The Confident Woman: Tapping Into Your Inner Power. Professional Woman Publishing, Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman 2013.

“Rebalance Your Reality” featured in The Female Leader. Professional Woman Publishing, February 2014. Edited by Linda Ellis Eastman.

Co-author for Your Heart’s Magical Journey. A meditative, inspirational book dedicated to children of all ages. It uses the earth’s treasures as guides to foster self-knowledge, self-esteem while promoting health and balance. (In process)

Available for Free Lance writing.
Contact her at 732-754-8681