We are entering into a time that has been spoken of for thousands of years. This time has been called the Apocalypse, the New Age, the Golden Age and the End of the World. But for those of us who understand the message of the Mayas and of the indigenous peoples of the world we know this time to be one of new beginnings and endings.

The existing paradigm has been one that has for the most part kept humankind enslaved to the beliefs of scarcity and separation. The accumulation of wealth, property, and power has been the basic precepts that all people whether rich or poor have striven to acquire. But in this new world that we are now in the process of creating we see that these old values are no longer primary to the sustainability of life. We the people have finally risen to a higher awareness and state of consciousness as a planet that now is choosing to create a new paradigm that is based in love not fear, abundance for all not scarcity and unity amongst all the nations of the world not separation.

Those of us who call ourselves the “light workers” of the world, we are now beginning to fulfill our divine blueprint, as the way showers of this new world. We are the ones who have signed-up to assist in leading the people of the world in the greatest shift of values and priorities that the world has ever known. We are the new Adam and Eve re-creating heaven on earth now. “We are the seed of star born souls.”

As we begin to take the steps, to live into our vision and dreams and to commit in following our soul’s desires we do so with love and joy. As the leaders and co-creators of this new world we are not alone. There are thousands of Cultural Creatives” like us throughout the world. They join us as we courageously take our position in the face of enormous challenges, to take the action that will manifest the changes we know are necessary, in order for us to manifest this new paradigm and to begin to see it, feel it and live it each day.

My Decree to Myself

I am the promise of a better day,
I am the promise that will lead the way.
I am the solutions and the wisdom that I seek,
I am the answer to my prayers.
I am the love, the light and the hope of humanity,
I am the brilliance and it’s sanity.
I commit to take the actions that I can,
Remembering that I AM that I AM.

Author's Bio: 

Luminessa Enjara writes for the Examiner.com, E-zine Articles and her own blogs. She is the founder of the School of Womyn's Mysteries and Soul Support. She is a gifted Akashic Record consultant, a Spiritual Counselor and Soul Mentor. She offers consultations by phone as well as on-going support programs. Luminessa is a dynamic and inspirational speaker, a teacher and an amazing guide for self-awareness and transformation.