Life Coaching is a common misunderstood approach, seamlessly compared to the worst form of therapy. Some consider it as a modern approach to counseling, and few others deem agony on being expensive counseling for those who can afford it. The truth could not be more different; Life coach or coaching is a profession or rather a person who helps people come out of depression or anything that is troubling them through expressive talking and empowering them. General counseling does not involve active talking, it's more of a place to rant and pay by the hour scenario, but a life coach actively responses and helps you find a solution to your problems.

Three aspects that define a Life Coach-


They empower an individual to pursue positivity in life and accomplish their goals.


Teaching an individual to realize self-worth and self-belief, an individual who is going through existential crisis needs someone to remind them who they are and what they are capable of.


They are the third eye to an individual, providing an individual the tools and unlimited support to broaden their horizon, perspective, and open their minds to reach their goals.

How does a Life Coach help?

Often when an individual faces a mid-life crisis, an existential crisis which could be related to finance or a divorce. Generally, an individual would turn towards therapy or counseling. Life coaching is a different concept; a life coach would primarily focus on reinstalling an individual’s wavering confidence and empower them from within emotionally to live up to their potential. A life coach helps with any aspect of someone’s life, whether it is professional or personal life.

Life Coaching:

People are mostly leaning towards hiring a life coach for personal difficulties than opting for general counseling. A life coach offers services for family coaching, divorce coaching, and relationship coaching. The majority of individuals are undergoing divorce for various personal issues. A life coach attempts to save such individuals' marriage or be it a relationship. Usually, when a couple is fighting too much because of the communication gap, financial stress, workload, not giving much time needed to each other, and many other reasons leads to a divorce. That is when a life coach comes in to play, essentially helping couples understand each other and attempts to save their relationship. Also, apart from divorce issues, an individual seeks a life coach for personal issues like lack of motivation, existential crisis, seeking help in improving themselves, and much more. A life coach acts a third party in life, helping you understand yourself much better and empowering you to achieve your desired goals, and spreads positivity in your life.

Business Coaching:

Life coaching is dedicated to helping people in their professional life as well. Business coaching supports any individual from any line of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re a general manager or a fresher, business coaching is for everyone to seek help regarding your professional life. Starting with executive coaching for managers, start-up coaching for entrepreneurs to interview coaching for job seekers. Life coaching has massively proven to be successful counseling for individuals in their professional life. Just like motivational speakers, business coaching is a more effective professional motivator. Business coaching seeks to motivate individuals or a workforce to balance work life.


At first, anybody would be skeptical about opening up to them as much anyone would be to a counselor. Once you’ve taken the first step of trusting a life coach, the road gets much easier from there. A life coach is here to understand an individual’s perspective first during the sessions and then facilitate solutions. To justify a life coach’s work ethics, they are not miracle workers, just as a counselor is not; instead, it is upon an individual’s thought process how they intake the outcomes of each session. Upon applying what they learn from the session and working hard towards their goal will genuinely bring them success to whatever they’re looking for. A life coach is a mediator to give you that push in life that you’re lacking.

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