There are two people living on the inside of us.  The positive “ Yes I can do it” personality and then the negative fearful side of you that hides and feels insecure.  We all have the ability to be thoughtful and considerate and then some one comes along and cuts us off and we become angry and ready to do the same to get even.  You actually have the grace to overcome your dark side.  Maybe you need to dig your heels in and empower yourself so you will develop the right habit to lead your life in a purposeful and right manner.  Let the best side of your personality shine forth and you will surely enjoy a wonderful sense of inner peace.
It’s easy to give into your anger and resentment especially when someone hurts or offends us and it takes discipline, courage and strength to turn the other way and refuse to feed the negative.  When I feel like I need to get even, I catch myself and coach my ego mind to say NO—I need to keep my mind going in the right direction.  Being your own life coach is vital for your success. 
We all have the power to live above and beyond our greatest potentiality.  Don’t let negative circumstances hold you back; instead make the time to coach yourself to become a better person on the inside and out. 
Don’t let temptation control your life.  Learn to go with the flow.
Slow down and take a deep breath in and try to calm down your emotions.  Pray for self-control and discipline. We won’t suddenly turn into a different person over night; however with discipline and time you can coach your mind, body and spirit to follow your lead. You will quiet the disruptive side of you and nurture the better side of you who wants to be the best that you can be when you learn to be your own effective life coach.  We all need to pass the tests so that we will reach our highest potential. 
If you are willing to keep growing and improving your self, you are in truth empowering yourself to stay filled with inner peace, calmness and a wonderful sense of serenity. 
You have the power within to keep the anxious, resentful side of you down and give into that side of you that is calm, kind and thoughtful.  Remember to coach yourself daily so you can grow and become a better you.  Empower the real you to keep your right attitude and behavior in check so you will live your life feeling more controlled as you live a life of inner peace and a new level of growth.

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Joan Marie Whelan, dubbed Intuition Girl, has created an extraordinary lifestyle using her uncanning, insightful intuition abilities. Joan Marie is sought after across the world as a trusted advisor, coach, and lifestyle design expert. Her teachings have been called, "inspirational," "unbelievably insightful," "the ultimate guide," and rave reviews continue to come in. Joan Marie is truly enjoying her journey and the extraordinary lifestyle she's desired and deserved... The Joan Marie team believes in your abilities to create the extraordinary lifestyle you deserve. Do you believe?