How many ways are there to pass a kidney stone? Well, there are actually numerous ways to pass a kidney stone, however, doctors typically only recommend one way… water!

Have you tried drinking plenty of water but your stubborn kidney stone(s) will not pass. You are not alone! In fact, about 10% of all kidney stones need something a little more than water to pass painlessly.

Unfortunately, doctors will only recommend one way! In this article, you will learn 5 more tips from a kidney stones alternative treatment.

Why a Kidney Stone Remedy Works?

Hopefully your doctor has told you that your kidney stones are probably composed of calcium. Calcium is deposited in the kidneys whenever the body is dehydrated. Therefore, drinking water is the perfect remedy for flushing them.

Unfortunately, many stones are bigger than 5 mm and unable to pass unless dissolved. Therefore, many people are using their diet, beverages and even vitamins to dissolve and pass their stones.

Here is how!

A Kidney Stones Alternative Treatment

1. Many people get the 'drinking plenty of water' thing messed up. For instance, you should only be drinking distilled water if you are expecting to flush a stone. Distilled water is free of all minerals that can add to the size of your stone. You should also aim to drink 1 cup of water for every hour you are awake.

2. Fiber is also extremely important for the treatment. Fiber will help the kidneys get rid of calcium and oxalate in your urine. By eating plenty of fiber you can drastically cut the risk of developing stones. Every breakfast should include a bowl of bran flakes.

3. Eating vegetables will also increase your fiber intake. It has been shown that vegetables rich in chlorophyll are very beneficial for flushing the kidneys. Try to eat 3-5 vegetables daily. Many of our customers have found success with spinach.

4. Do you like tea? Nettle leaf tea is a great herbal remedy because it keeps urine flow at peak levels and also keeps crystals forming into stones. You should mix 1 - 2 tablespoons of dried nettle leaf with one cup of water and let steep for 10-15 minutes. You can find nettle at any health food store.

5. Vitamin A deficiency has been linked to poor kidney functioning. Therefore, it makes sense to get plenty of this kidney stone fighting vitamin. One vegetable that has plenty of vitamin A is carrots. Go and grab a bag of this fun snack and eat up. Other vitamin A rich foods include: broccoli and potatoes.

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