Remodeling your kitchen can be a dream come true for many, however, typically a kitchen remodeling can run to be quite expensive. On an average, a kitchen remodeling can cost you anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000. If you are not willing to go on such an extremely overhaul for your kitchen remodeling, here are a few easy tips that will help you remodel your kitchen on a budget.

1. Make a proper plan
Depending on the extent of your remodeling plans, it is sometimes important to hand over the reins to a professional. Hiring a professional designer can help you save money on unnecessary expenses and also help you create a much more thorough plan and blueprint for your kitchen remodeling plans.

2. Stay prepared
One of the biggest mistakes that a home owner can make during a remodeling is to start picking their products during the renovation process. After you have decided on hiring a professional designer for planning your kitchen renovation, it is important to sit and decide on every single item which you wish to include in your kitchen remodeling plan. This will help you understand exactly what would go where, how much space it would take, and in case you decide to change any product, which one you would choose and how it would fit with the others.

3. Go bright white
Redoing your kitchen cabinets can be one of the biggest expenses of your plan. However, a simple money saving tip for redoing your kitchen cabinets is to simply paint them over in a bright, white color. This not only makes your kitchen look larger, giving it a clean look, but it can do wonders for saving some money on giving your old cabinets a completely new makeover.

4. Open your doors to newer looking cabinets
If your old cabinets are just too haggard to liven up with a fresh coat of paint, consider redoing the doors of the cabinets. Rip apart the old doors and choose a new style of doors for your cabinets. You will be surprised as to how amazing your new cabinets would look in just a fraction of the price. You don’t even need to toss out the entire cabinet for this little tip; simply change the doors of the cabinet for an entirely new look.

5. Time to cut corners
The backsplash in your kitchen can be a practical tool to help keep foods, oils and other spills off of your walls. However, this very practical item in your kitchen can also drive up costs immensely. One budget saving method is to cut off the backsplash completely! You can choose to simply finish off the tile where the wall starts, giving you better visibility and functionality.

6. Light up your life
The right kind of lighting can make a world of difference to your kitchen. Opt for bright lights especially in the areas where you will be cooking. Under-cabinet lighting is also a great option which is not only low on budget, but also makes your kitchen look extremely bright and aesthetic.

7. Don’t change the plumbing
A huge way to cut costs when remodeling your kitchen is to keep the plumbing where it is. Instead, you can choose to renovate and remodel around the existing piping, instead of moving appliances, where each move would cost you about $5000.

8. Opt for remnants
Visit granite supply yards and give a good look to the remnants. Most likely, you will find a great deal on them and you don’t need to go beyond your budget by opting for granite and other solid surface counters.

9. Don’t throw it away!
On an average, kitchen remodeling projects produce about 5 to 15% of wastes which can be easily reused and recycled. However, most home owners are not aware of this and simply throw away these wastes. You can save a lot of money by reusing these pieces for creating rollout inserts, cutting boards and other such helpful kitchen products. Since you have already paid for these items, why should you simply throw them away? Put every bit of your old kitchen materials to good use during your renovation projects!

10. Make reuse and recycling your friend
If you look around, you can find a lot of places which reuse and resell overstock at a discount which many builders and contractors donate. If you are really patient, you can find a pretty great deal at these places which you can use for your own kitchen remodeling.

Paying attention to little details is very important. You don’t need to go all out to create a beautiful kitchen, a little bit of attention to detail can help you achieve the same results. Add bun feet to free standing cabinetry, or create a focal point by adding stacked stone as a decoration to your kitchen island. Instead of redoing your floors completely, simply refinish them to give them a completely new look. In this regard, TheHouseWire can be of great help. So, check them out!

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