Have you been enjoying drinking soda for some time now until you can no longer do without it?

If so, it's time for you to figure out how to stop drinking soda without headaches. A headache is one of major withdrawal symptoms that show up when you stop taking some sodas. The reason for this is that a lot of popular varieties of soda are not just carbonated but are also caffeinated and it's the withdrawal from the caffeine that causes these symptoms. Other withdrawal symptoms include:

• Sleepiness. When you stop taking soda you experience over-tiredness making it very hard to stay awake.

• Lethargy. Caffeine present in the soda boosts your energy but when you stop drinking the soda you lack energy, reducing your motivation for work.

• Irritability. Caffeine alters your brain chemistry in a way and often gives you pleasure. When you do not take the soda, your mood changes and you are angered more easily.

• Lack of concentration. When you withdraw from drinking soda you will start to be forgetful or find it harder to concentrate.

• Muscle pain and stiffness. Your muscles are less flexible and feel heavier especially when you are used to taking soda before exercise or a workout.

• Insomnia. You may have difficulty sleeping when you stop drinking soda (this sounds odd because caffeine can help you stay awake but it does happen)

• Nausea and vomiting. You may have to go without food for a couple of days when you stop drinking soda. The thought of food itself will make you nauseous. Fortunately this is an unusual reaction.

• Anxiety. The caffeine in soda relates anxiety and its stoppage will lead to panic attacks.


• Constipation. Caffeine stimulates the bowel so when you stop drinking soda you can experience constipation.

• Brain fog. When you stop drinking soda your thoughts may become incoherent and you may have difficulty thinking and performing simple tasks.

• Dizziness. You may experience loss of equilibrium when you stop drinking soda.

These withdraw symptoms last between a few days up to a week if you are a light caffeine consumer. They may last for two months or more if your caffeine intake is 1000mg or more. You need to know how to stop drinking soda without experiencing the withdraw symptoms. The headache caused by withdraw emerges from behind the eyes to the front of your forehead and it can be debilitating.

How to stop drinking soda without headaches:

• Scale back your soda intake gradually. You need to reduce the amount of soda you consume per day. Reduce the soda intake by half a can every two days. Top up the deficit with water and other non-caffeinated beverages and you will miss soda less.

• Consider other alternatives. You may opt to drink juice, sparking water, unsweetened tea and will hydrate your body preventing the headache. You may add lemon,mint or other sweeteners to the unsweetened tea.

• Get extra sleep. Quiting drinking soda may lower your energy levels leaving feeling very tired. When you get more sleep it will avert the fatigue. You may also consider exercise or workout to boost your energy naturally.

• Mix soda with water. Add more water and less soda after every two days. This will ensure you get lower soda concentration every time until you get to zero.

• Make a soda schedule. This will help you monitor the amount of soda you consume over a period of time. Also ensure you stock less soda at home, office and wherever you normally take soda. Follow this schedule strictly and you may buy yourself a gift using the money that could otherwise be used to buy soda.

• Avoid other beverages that contain caffeine. Avoid drinking coffee and any other caffeinated beverages as they can only worsen the addiction and withdrawal symptoms when stopped.

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