There are times when one feels to stay strong and yet deliver the right decision, the curve balls that life throws at us are unacceptable sometimes but these are the times when one’s patience is actually tested, these are the times that prepare us for the worst case scenario and give more power to us.

Identify key challenges and keep track

Stay emotionally resilient which means you must understand that there will be times you would not be able to bear with but these situations ought to happen and nobody can stop this. No one is born with resilience but with time they develop that resilience. Learn to manage your emotions, it is not everyday that what we wish happens to us, there will be timeless that we won’t want and we always have this choice of reacting towards the situation.

There are strengths in everyone which could be anything like coping up with situations but there are weaknesses as well so keep in mind where you lack and try to work on that. Make a list of these strengths and weaknesses adn then work on your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. In this era we might lack appreciating our challenges but keep in mind that while you work on your weaknesses, it takes time to appreciate your strengths and that strength comes from an indomitable willt

Reason for your weak mental health and emotional strength can be linked with your past experiences. Maybe there would be any memory that you regret and that memory has contributed to your weakness or strength, as per you take it. Research has shown that children who are abused, neglected, or otherwise endangered are more likely have emotional and mental issues, which may cause them to abuse drugs or attempt suicide.

Stay away from negative vibes

There might be many people in your life that always try to bully you or hurt you, these are the kind of people that you should make a safer distance from, they affect your mental peace.

Drugs, drinking alcohol, stealing and lying can give you temporary satisfaction but deep in your heart you already know it is not going to do any good to you so stay away from them. It can give you peace in your head for a while but for a longer run they are all kinds of addictions that could not ever give you mental peace instead will disturb you mentally forever. There is a way to throw away these habits, you can either limit them or completely avoid doing or taking that.

Exercise, good food and peace is a life that we all wish for, surrounding ourselves from people who respect our ability to heal will give a purpose to your life. Exercise regularly, or make it a healthcare regime that should be done everyday it not only enhances physical health but your mental health as well.

Learning could be something that you might not enjoy but once you start doing that there is no way you are coming back. The more knowledge you acquire the more knowledge you get and it leads to one’s wisdom. You must always be curious to learn and keen to know what is happening in the world and why it is happening and what it will lead to. There are many ways to do it by reading books, watching good movies, visiting historical places/museums etc... Practice any kind of art that gives you mental peace, talk to people that are intellectual enough that everytime you talk to them they give knowledge about something.

Build strength emotionally and physically

Make a list of things you would want to achieve in life and keep a track on how close you are to achieve the goals that you make for yourselves. Work step by step, one step at a time. The goals you make should be realistic goals that should focus on working towards your weaknesses. If you have made your goals in such a way that they seem unattainable, break them into smaller parts once you achieve these small goals, treat yourself well and celebrate your accomplishments.

One way of building strength is that you can give advice to many others like you. That way it would keep reminding you to stay grounded and make you complete your goals everyday. Always take out your time to appreciate yourself for whatever you are doing , it takes nothing to degrade someone but acknowledging the small steps that you take in order to change yourself is everything that you can do to your body and soul.

There are situations that you cannot stay calm but consider this your test, try to stay calm in situations like this.

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