Links – we love sharing them, we love opening them. But don’t you hate it when you know you have the perfect link somewhere and you just can’t find it? Here are seven great ways to share and save your links.

Laterstars is a simple way to save your favorite links. Just fave the tweet and Laterstars automatically adds it to your list of saved links. You can also check out the top links on the site, as well as the other users on the site.

Once you have signed up with, you’re set. All your links from Twitter are instantly added and you can manually add any other links you want to keep track of. You can pull from RSS feeds, Facebook, Delicious, and Pinboard. There is also a page to share links from all your tweeps.

Krumlr works a little bit differently than the other link saving Twitter tools. You download a toolbar and voila – no more copying and pasting social bookmarking URLs. Just click the toolbar and a window opens with the link already there. You can add a comment which will become your tweet. Adding categories and tags makes it easier to find your link later.

Linkodrama takes the pain out of saving your links. Log in and authorize Linkodrama to access your Twitter account. Your twitter stream will appear with the time and date it was published, the link, the tweet, and the contributor. Linkodrama can display more than 500 tweets. There are also share buttons to retweet or post on Facebook.

LiteFeed is so easy to read. Just allow access to your account and LiteFeed not only retrieves your posts, it opens them so you don’t need to follow the links to see the full content. Photos, videos, web pages and more appear right in the browser.

Twitbin is a Firefox add-on that gives you Twitter in a side bar. You can sort
your through your tweets a few different ways, including listing only tweets with links. Click on any link and it will open in a new browser tab.

Symbaloo is another novel approach to social bookmarking. Symbaloo uses what they call a webmix format. You can customize the share buttons on your home webmix to link to any site you want. They have hundreds of URLs already stored, or you can add your own quite easily. You can also add your own webmix pages, so you can set up your own sorting system. You can share links and webmix pages with your friends, or with the world.

As you can see, these seven applications for sharing and saving links all have advantages. Some are sortable, others you need to scroll through if you are looking for something special. Some make it easy to share links; some are more geared for link storage. There is something for everyone.

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