Skin tag removal is so easy these days. You can choose among many home remedies for removing skin tags. A sour apple's juice, for instance, can be effective when applied on the skin. This has been a proven method. But if the juice is aerated, it becomes useless. Thus the juice of the sour apple must be kept in a container that won't be exposed to air. This can be otherwise directly bought from your local pharmacies or from any other normal grocery shops.

Believe it or not, a thread or a dental floss can also be effective in removing skin tags. They tie the skin tags pretty well. The length of the thread should be considerably long. Using dental floss or thread can cause quite a lot of pain. If you wish to avoid the pain and if you wish to save some expenses caused by costly surgeries, you can try out this method. It won't hurt to try this method before employing the other options.

Can nail polish remove skin tags?

It sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But there are some who stand by the idea that nail polish can remove skin tags. You need to buy a good nail varnish and apply it on the skin tags on a daily basis. But this could take you quite a long time before the skin tags are removed. But you need to be really patient till you observe the desired result. After the nail polish dries on the skin, this will help in drying up of the skin tag. If the skin tag dries up, its connection to the skin will be loosened. As you apply more nail varnish and allow it to dry for longer periods, The effect will be seen clearly. The skin tag will completely get detached from the skin and then fall off. This could be the most inexpensive mode of skin tag removal.

Others could even attest to the fact that herbal remedies have faster effects than surgical treatments. For instance, you can use the tea tree oil to remove the skin tags. Skin problems such as eczema and warts are also cured by tea tree oil. Working in a similar manner as the tea tree oil is the apple cider vinegar. A thorough cleaning must be made on the area around the skin tag before anything is applied to it.

It is not very difficult to remove skin tags, which can cause quite a lot of embarrassment for some people. There are many home remedies you can choose to remove skin tags, and they can be quite fast and effective. There are also wonderful remedies to prevent the formation of scars.

The over-the-counter remedies can be sometimes, one of the safest remedy for your skin tag problems. But many people might not realize this and spend a lot of money on expensive surgeries of the skin. After consulting with a doctor, you can very easily remove skin tags and take steps to make sure they never return.

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