Motivation is the psychological factor that drives a person to take action. Most human actions and efforts can be clearly explained by what motivated them. Going a little deeper into psychology, when things are easy to perform or involve fun, purpose or have an absolute value attached to them, people find it more appealing to work on or take action for. Thus, when it comes to giving your consumers a reason for motivated action, these inclusions can work wonders to get them to initiate an effort towards your business.

Many ways or activities can bring in these fun factors or give meaning to consumers when they are at your business' point of contact. Take social media as one such point. Here, you can devise fun interactions with your customers that will motivate them to initiate an action in favour of your business.

4 fun and meaningful ways to drive consumer action:

  1. Create contests

Contests are a great way to create consumer involvement. It offers them a high chance of interacting with your brand. Besides, contest prizes are strong motivations to gain an instant reward in the form of cash, products or recognition.

Brands that have organised contests have recorded a rise in consumer actions immediately after completion of the activity. It may be in the form of a personal initiative of the customer to share, an increase in following, a referral or a direct purchase.

  1. Start authentic conversations

Conversations can be fun, valuable or proving meaningful through insightful content or posts. Your business can generate further consumer action by offering them valuable content that is contextually meaningful. Give them a chance to input their opinion or provide suggestions to make them feel valued.

This authenticity will drive them to take action in your favour, thus, benefitting your business. It will also bring wider recognition through consumer initiatives.

  1. Give deals and discounts

Customers look for value over and above their regular interaction with a brand. They always want something more in return for the money paid. Offering them deals or discounts will satisfy their need to have more in return. Regular discounts will give them a natural high, and they would be more than willing to share this good news with their friends and family.

Thus, you get referrals for your brand without devising an extensive plan in that direction. It will also create a good impression and etch your brand’s identity on their mind. As a result, they will love to return to you time and again.

  1. Offer them testers

Many factors influence a consumer’s final action to go for purchase or turn away. At this point, if you give them a tester or a demonstration of your product which they can easily use or experience first-hand, it can eliminate their uncertainty.

Testers give customers a motivation to act on it as they can see the value. They also find it relevant and meaningful.

People opt to take action for a brand in a similar way they do for a friend. They are either attracted or repelled through a particular set of characteristics. These four ways can help you portray the relevant characteristics of your brand to your consumers, thus, motivating them to act for you.


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WOOP is grounded in psychology, and uses a unique combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivations, to get your consumers to actively advocate you, and build Trust.