Buying a house is a milestone achievement in the life of a person. Anyone who buys a house wants to make it their home. Home is the place where you find peace, comfort and solace. It’s a safe haven everyone craves for. Your home is that perfect place in the world that always welcomes you with open arms as soon as you open the door. It doesn’t matter if you live in a rental room, a swanky apartment or a mansion, home is the cocoon you can unwind in and be yourself at all times.

Sometimes you have to leave that safe haven and shift to another place. It can be due to a new job or maybe the place was on rent or you have to travel to another country for studies. Reasons can be innumerous but the sentiment of emptiness, uneasiness and coldness is the same for everyone. Even when you have shifted, stocked the pantry with your favorite foods, unpacked all the boxes and arranged your wardrobe, it still precludes the comfort and feels new and strange. Sometimes this feeling can last for days on end and other times it never dissipates. 

A place that provides you provision of necessities, like a bathroom, table, chair, bed etc is not called home. A place where you have made memories to cherish, where you have seen the thick and thin of times, the daily experiences, treasured items, heartfelt dreams and where your heart is, that is what is home for you. It’s hard to establish the feeling of comfort with a place which you know is not going to be your home for a very long time. But I believe it’s all about your perspective, you have to make a house your home by giving it love, care and attention. It will surely reciprocate the feeling but not without an effort.

Figure out what evokes the feeling of warmth and coziness for you, brainstorm on those little things and try to incorporate that in whatever ways you can, to make your house more homey. This would be the first step toward fostering and nurturing that new place. Don’t tell yourself that this is not your permanent residence; in fact tell yourself this your home. Only then one can truly make the effort to cultivate feelings of love and affection with the new place and come in harmony with the change.

In this article I will shoot some ideas that will make your new residence a home. Ask yourself these questions; what can you do to really settle in? What arouses the emotion of reassurance and joy in you? What instantly perks up your mood and makes you comfortable and relaxed?  With answering these questions, the solutions will automatically come to your mind. Cling on them and try to induce them where and how you can. To further assist you and to speed up this process, follow the hacks below to embrace the new place whole heartedly.

Stir magic with artwork 

Nothing is more depressing than empty walls in a new place. The stripped, bare walls will make the new home feel even more strange and vacant. Don’t be an art-hanging-procrastinator, artwork calms you down and subsides the anxiety of the new place. They are great boosters of pleasure and instantly bring your individual character and personality in the house to make it a home, a haven. The more you surround yourself with paintings and pictures that hold a special place in your life the more you will relate to the home. The best course of action is to hang artwork that is in scale and proportion with the walls. Avoid cluttering small paintings; try to vary the styles, size and mediums. Play with your options to get a personalized curated look that stimulates emotions.

Put pillows and throws

Home is a place that is comforting and inviting at all times, right? Cushions, pillows and throws will give the illusion of warmth and coziness that you crave for in the new place. If you own any revival Chattanooga furniture that is either a hand-me-down or a prized possession, resurrect it by throwing pillows and throws on it and make it an instant comfort zone. A comfy soft blanket goes a long way, it’s snuggle-worthy and inviting. Fill your new home with these things to make it a humble abode.

Light it up

Don’t underestimate the power of light fixtures. They are powerful sources of making any place more inviting, heartfelt and earnest. They can amplify the mood of a home with yellow or white emitting for them. Place them strategically to promote relaxation. Almost any place can be made more homely with well-placed lamps, starry light or battery operated candles. Don’t opt for harsh fluorescent lights; they make the place feel angry and cold.  You can also try introducing scents that you are familiar with and that make you feel less stressful. Scented candles or essential oils are a great way to improve the aroma of the home.

Fresh batch of flowers

Fresh blossoms and foliage can instantly charge up the mood. There is an innate sense of love with flowers and placing them in your new home can make you feel loved and cheerful. Even if you are one of those people who doesn’t have a green thumb; don’t fret. There are plenty of options for you as well. Herbs in mason jars, indoor loving plants and a fresh bunch every now and then can be hearty and will have appositive impact.


Tidy home equals to tidy mind, ever heard of it? Well, it’s true if you want to feel at home. If your bed sheets haven’t seen the washer for weeks than no wonder your abode feels less homely. Piles of unwashed dishes and stacks of unwashed clothes can spike the stress levels. So make an effort and keep your new home swanky clean. Do decluttering often, in order to constantly feel relaxed and chilled.

I will break down the entire article for you in one line; surround yourself with things to love and the new place will become your new home. Don’t just see it as a place to crash at the end of the day; invest some time to actually feel the warmth a home radiates.                      


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Linda is a self-proclaimed content writer, who puts her skills at good use always trying to show her thoughts through her writings. Written many articles on every niche and achieved great knowledge through the years.