Most of the people possess dry skin that occurs due to a variety of factors in our regular life. This can either occur on the temporary basis or can even affect for the entire lifetime. This can happen due to excessive loss of water from the body or due to genetic factors. Possessing dry skin can rupture your appearance & the glory of your approach. There are different causes which are listed below for the eradication of dry skin:

• Extreme cold temperatures:
During winter season & extremely cold temperatures creates a negative impact on the skin. The conditions that involve low weather conditions, low amount of humidity & extreme cold winds sweep the natural conditions from the outermost layer of the skin. The outer part consists of essential layers that prevent it from getting dried. It enhances the factors causing tightness & introduces flakes.
This accelerates the discomfort, there is appearance of wrinkles, scaly skin, depletion of the moisture & essential oils & fluids & thus adversely affect the skin.

• Having showers with warm water:
While suffering from cold, or when you return from cold or extreme cold conditions, having bath in cold is an appropriate option to get rid of the cold. But, considering this on regular basis can reduce the lipid barriers that affect your skin adversely.

• Improper consumption of the food habits:
When a person consumes adequate proportion of diet on daily basis, it leads to the supply of essential nourishing agents that summate the radiance of your skin. This even leads to the eradication of the harmful factors that lower ailments of the skin. Vitamins are the necessary nutrients that lead for glory of the skin & people who consume that do not contain correct proportion of vitamins mostly possess dry skin. These especially include Vitamin A & B types & their deficiency in our daily diets can inevitably hamper such organs of the human body & even lead to certain concern that is associated with health.

• Bathing soaps:
This is associated with an essential factor that leads to the drying of the skin & its frequent application can lead to a harsh impact & can make it rough & dry. These soaps lead to the withering away of the essential oils & water content that are required for the security maintenance of its tenderness & luster. Therefore, it is essential to make efficient application of cleaners & liquid soaps for facial skin so as to protect its softness.

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