In today’s busy world, we don’t always have the luxury of sitting down and reading a newspaper cover to cover. There are lots of places to get news online, but then you have to wade through content that doesn’t interest you to find the content that does. Can we streamline the process of finding the news we want? Here are some Twitter tools that do just that.

Muckrack connects you to journalists who tweet. You can find out the stories before they hit the newsstands. You can check out a specific writer’s tweets, or search by category.

With BuzzBox, you can personalize your news feed. When you choose the newsfeeds you want to follow, BuzzBox adds them to your homepage. One quick glance tells you if you want to click the headline to be linked directly to the full news story.

Sumify sends the news directly to your inbox. Just tell them how many stories you want, and when you want them. You can choose to receive updates anywhere from daily to monthly. Sumify sifts through the headlines and delivers them to you as a news digest.

GoodNoows hooks you up with the news sources you want to follow. Select whose feeds you want and then head back to the home page. You can “open” your paper to a section, just like the old-fashioned way. You will see the feeds from the sources you have chosen. There is also a translate function available.

Twingly looks for news in a slightly different fashion. Rather than looking at traditional news sources, Twingly is a blog search engine. Channels fall into a diverse range of subjects, from tech to fitness.

What if you want your news on the fly? BuzzBox has an app available for Android and Sumify is developing a mobile app. With these Twitter tools, it’s easier than ever to stay on top of the news.

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