We get the majority of low budget things made of steel. From water bottles to the cost effective racks and kitchen storage spaces, you get all made of steel. Steel is also used at the base of watches and comes with the tag of being ‘stainless steel’. Steel comes in a lot of varieties; hence it is important to choose the best for you by seeing the best quality marks and indications. With lots of adulteration, it often becomes hard to find quality things.

Steel comes in a lot of varieties and different quality is priced at different means. People buy steel from Redcliffe which comes with several quality marks and indications. Steel has various qualities that make it superior and that is why people prefer to have items made of steel rather than any other metal. In this article you will get to how the ways by which you can find the right kind of steel for your belongings:

  • Visual inspection:

You can do a visual inspection to ensure the quality of the steel. Steel comes in many varieties. These are carbon steel (S), Axle Steel (A), Low Allow Steel (W), Stainless Steel (SS) and Low – Carbon Chromium (CS). Of these many it is difficult to say which is what type as they all look alike but are very different on the basis of their quality. You can check the metal for a number label. You must check the number on the steel as well as the container in which you received it. There are two kinds of coding system – AES system and the ASTM System. The former has a 4 digit code while the latter uses both numbers and letters.

  • Appearance check:

Next you can look out for the metal that is dark brown, shiny silver or red with rust. Steel comes in a lot of contrasting colors. But you may still get a little idea from its appearance. Like in many instances, carbon steel is used in pipes and during building construction. Carbon steel is chocolate brown in color whereas the stainless steel, used in kitchen ware, is shiny and silver in color. If the metal has yellow or red tint, then it can never be steel as it is copper or brass!

  • Metal chip test:

You can even chip the metal to look for a silver coloring inside. Use a hammer or a chisel to break off a small piece to expose the inner surface of the steel. The inner portion of the steel is always a bright gray.

Steel is both heavier as well as stronger than most metals. You might get tricked by the shopkeeper as adulteration of steel is a common notion these days. If you are looking for steel in Brisbane then quality check is a must. There are several ways to check whether your steel is of good quality or not. Keep in mind the above mentioned ways when you are buying steel for your domestic or commercial usage.

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