Symptoms that come with anxiety attacks can be very terrifying to its sufferers. Those who have yet to experience an attack tend to understate its symptoms and think that it can easily be managed. But for those who've gone through the lightheadedness, lack of breath, panicking while feeling you're close to having a heart attack, this can be a very horrifying thing to experience. Additional physiological symptoms could contain excessive sweating, trembling and vomiting. Thats why it is essential for the sufferers to understand these overwhelming symptoms, so they can start treatment for the condition.

There are circumstances where people hyperventilating were brought to the hospital for immediate medical remedy. After being seen by a doctor, the doctor will then put them in a restful and quiet room to help relieve the anxiety, having seen that the patient is undergoing an anxiety attack. Several treatments and methods to treating severe anxiety are available. Both patient and doctor should talk about the best scheme that the patient should comply, usually a mix of different psychotherapies.

A natural technique is one of the best methods you can use to deal with anxiety attacks. The natural way of severe anxiety treatment stems from practicing three very simple and usual exercises to help ward off feelings of anxiousness.

1. Physical Exercise. Doing exercises will free tension and stress your body is feeling, as well as spreading endorphins that help you feel calm and relaxed. Exercising daily 30 minutes to an hour, not only gives you a fit and healthy body, but it also decreases the chance of anxiety attacks from occurring. This should also be complemented by activities that encourage muscle relaxation such as yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture and more. Calming your muscles and nerves in this way will lessen the feelings of panic and anxiety.

2. Managing your time. Basic time management can essentially help in lessening the occurrence of panic attacks. A chance of an anxiety attack can be increased with circumstances that produce strain like deadlines or last minute tasks. Organizing your time properly and ample planning helps you achieve things ahead of time, save you from panicking over forgotten items and missed appointments and gives you the feeling of being in control of your life. And while you're planning your to-dos, pencil in some much needed R and R time for yourself. The happening of an anxiety attack can be greatly avoided when you are well-rested and calm.

3. Acquire a Support System. An efficient support system should be in place to get encouragement, security, companionship, and help when needed. Receive what emotional support and security you can get by surrounding yourself with friends and family who care. They can be there for you when you need someone to talk to. Having your family and friends as sounding boards and support group can make you feel less alone, and will help diminish your stress and anxieties.

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