So many women are plagued by visible and excessive facial hair. It can be on the forehead, cheeks, the upper lip, jaw line, chin and between the eyebrows. Excessive facial hair is something that many women consider unseemly and are at pains to keep under control.

It could be heredity, hormonal imbalances or medical conditions that could be responsible for excess hair growth (which could be referred to as hirsutism in extreme cases). There could be potentially serious medical conditions responsible for hirsutism so finding out the underlying reason is important.

Medical treatments: Hormonal treatments to balance the levels of androgen may help reduce the growth of hair. However hormonal treatments should be used strictly under expert medical supervision and only after a proper diagnosis.

Bleaching: Bleaching can be a simple and effective way to hide unseemly facial hair so that it blends in with the skin color and becomes more or less invisible. However this may not work very well for coarse, thick hair or for dark hued skin.

Tweezing: If the problem is not too severe or too widespread across the face, it may be possible to control with some judicious and regular tweezing. As the stray hair pops out over the upper lip or along the jaw line, use tweezers to pull it out in the direction of hair growth.

Threading and Waxing: Most women use threading for eye brow shaping and getting rid of the uni-brow. It can also be used for removing hair from other parts of the face such as the side burns, jaw line, upper lip, chin and so on. Waxing is also a good idea if the facial hair growth is extensive or think. Since these hair removal methods remove hair from the root, the skin stays hairless for a longer time.
However this is best done by an expert who knows their job; else it could cause skin irritation or even infection of the hair follicles if done in an improper manner.

Epilating: Many women use an epilator to remove hair from all over the body and find that it works for the face as well. However it is important to use the proper fitting for delicate skin since sensitive skin may experience irritation.

Depilatories: Many women find that hair removal creams are a painless way to remove facial hair. However the hair is removed only from the surface and tends to grow back rather quickly. So this solution may not be appropriate for women with very visible or thick hair.

Consider permanent methods of hair removal: Women who have very problematic facial hair growth, who find that the situation is impossible to control using the above methods, may want to consider laser treatments or electrolysis. Laser treatment can be an effective long term way to control the problem since it dramatically reduces the thickness and growth of hair; but it can be expensive, several sessions may be needed and it may not used around the eyes. Electrolysis can also be expensive and time consuming and is also a painful process.

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